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From - for a pork flu the Kishinev hospitals are overflowed

  In capital infectious hospital any more there are no places. This question was discussed yesterday at session of the Kishinev mayoralty.

- All cots in hospital of infectious diseases of Toma Chorbe are occupied , - has told fulfilling duties of the chief of department of public health services munitsipii Luminitsa Suvejke.
Ministry of Health has declared what to treat all caught a pork flu become free of charge irrespective of, there is at the person a policy or not. All at the expense of obligatory medical insurance. Considering a lack of places, it has been decided to take to hospital only at whom the heavy or average form of illness. The others begin to treat in-home - people will receive consultation of the doctor and all necessary medicines.

For hospitalisation of patients in a grave condition 100 places in municipal hospital 4, some places - in hospital of the Archangel of Michael, 40 cots - in children`s hospital of infectious diseases, 50 more places - in hospital of railwaymen, 100 places - in narcological hospital are prepared.
places and in children`s municipal hospital of Valentine Ignatenko will be if necessary prepared. For pregnant women it is prepared mini - branch on 5 cots and a separate input in maternity hospital 2.

Schools are closed, in kindergartens and hospitals - quarantine.

Ministry of Health has decided to secure the population against dangerous flu A (H1N1). In educational institutions from November, 6 till November, 15th vacation. The department order has not extended on kindergartens, but many of them have already sent children on houses. The pork flu already is passed locally, therefore in hospitals the quarantine mode is entered - that is visitation of patients is limited.
From - that people began a thicket to be converted to doctors, in some medical institutions of capital additional branches for placing sick of a flu and ORZ are created.  

the Ministry has ordered to reconsider the schedule of calls of family doctors on the house, now their working hours about - dleno to 20. 00.   As a result of developed conditions to diagnostic laboratories will give 500 thousand doses of an anti-virus preparation Tamiflu .


From - for threats of distribution of a dangerous virus of a flu it was necessary to cancel not only lessons and lectures. Mass actions for a case of carrying out of Days of the youth, planned on 8 - on November, 17th in Moldova, have been transferred for other time. It declares the youth and sports ministry later.