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is necessary to Mihaela was born on December, 10th, 2007. In 10 months mum has noticed an unusual luminescence of a pupil at the babe. Parents were converted to the ophthalmologist in children`s hospital. Therefrom the babe have urgently directed to Odessa. After survey under the general narcosis doctors have confirmed the terrible diagnosis - bilaterial retinoblastoma (a cancer of a retina of eyes). Doctors have told at once that it is necessary to delete eyes, have then appointed a course of chemotherapy which have taken place in Kishinev in Onkoinstitute. Then again inspection in Odessa, and again chemotherapy. Have meanwhile started to search for clinics in Europe, Moscow, Israel, and here
on November, 24th, 2008 we have left to Germany on inspection. After survey doctors have given to our to hope, have told that it is possible to rescue eyes. For this purpose it is necessary to pass an irradiation course. Having arrived to Kishinev, we were converted into the mayoralty, have placed the request for the help in the local newspaper. The raised money has sufficed on treatment and the subsequent inspections. In February - March Mihaela has passed an irradiation course in clinic of a city of Essen. For prevention of occurrence of the new centres of a tumour it is necessary to go on inspection each 10 weeks during at least 5 - 6 years and to do an irradiation which costs from 10000 to 12000 euros. After an irradiation we already three times were on inspection. Following inspection is appointed to November, 17th, 2009. Mihaela the long-awaited child. It still does not have two years, but it develops beyond the years. Parents very much hope that by means of kind and not indifferent people to another`s grief can finish begun up to the end!

the Contact information of parents: mob.: 069886605
Mum - Natalia Vasilevna Luka. The father - Dmitry Mihajlovich Luka.

Bank details in Moldova:
Codul bancii VICBMD2X883
Extras din cont: 22335117182/ MDL/ EURO/ DOL
CF 2001021207843
binefeciar Luca Dumitru
WebMoney: E 365887553904 R 192380574674 Z 279320318776


Has paid for apartment, and the building company has brought an action against me!

Hello, dear edition! I am converted to you with the problem. The matter is that in January, 2008 I have concluded the contract on investment from one of civil engineering firms. According to the contract, the house should put in operation in August - September, 2009, but not later than the end of 2009. For today the zero cycle is not finished even, and works on building have stopped completely in December, 2008. The administration refers to an economic crisis, and also accuses us, investors, of untimely payment under the schedule. At present we with them cannot communicate, as they are not present at office, to phone calls do not respond, on meetings which we spend with investors, the administration was not. They have submitted on us, investors, in court, without having familiarised at all with each contract. As well against me have brought an action, though, according to the contract, I should pay the rest of the sum at the moment of house delivery in operation. At me 90 % from apartment cost are already brought. On this building company criminal case is now got. My family does not have habitation as in January, 2008 we have sold the 1 - the room apartment and all money were brought in building of this house. And now we with two minor children are urged to remove habitation the second year and we are in very heavy financial position. What can we make in this situation, after all so cannot proceed further?! We any more in a status to pay apartment rent.
yours faithfully, Galina Zelenin.


Offers on reorganisation of a heat supply of a city

Annually in Kishinev before the cold season beginning the Thermoclod starts to blackmail the mayoralty and townspeople with news about cost increase gigakalorii. The main problem is covered that the mayoralty does not have strategic approach under the radical decision of a question of maintenance with heat of the available housing providing first of all considerable reduction of cost gigakalorii.
the Existing chain: thermal power station - the Thermoclod - of the municipal enterprise - the end user for a long time itself has got rid and only increases for the bill bores cost of unit of the heat-carrier.

It is represented expedient:  
- Technically obosnovanno to consider the problem on transfer of all thermal
city points, and them more than 200, on mini - boiler-houses with use of natural gas.  
- to charge to the assembly organisations on a competitive basis performance of works on re-equipment teplopunktov with end of all works to the beginning of a cold season 2010 - 2011.  
- operation of miniboiler, engineering communications to apartment houses, intrahouse engineering networks (their repair, opressovku, washing and other works up to cranes and radiators) to charge to one organisation with which and to make calculations for the rendered services.  
- to declare the tender for depreciation of rendered services.  
- to order payment for the rendered services in each apartment, having compared the design data with an actual state of affairs, taking into account autocratically established additional sections and radiators.

And what to do from thermal power station and the Thermoclod the government and the mayoralty let solve.
yours faithfully, Emilija Sakarjan, Kishinev.