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Physicians yet do not know, a leah has died 5 - the summer child of a virus And (H1N1)

the Moldavian mass-media have hastened to inform that it already the fourth death from a pork flu. But doctors yet do not know, a leah the kid from virus A (H1N1) has died or not.

- the Child has arrived to us from Kantemirsky area in the hardest status, - the deputy director of the Center George Tsurkanu has told to us. - it from an unsuccessful family. It had a destructive pneumonia of lungs, that is a heavy purulent pathology, the same diagnosis was put also by regional physicians. Results of analyses will show, a leah there was the reason of his death virus A (H1N1) or not. Apparently, the destructive pneumonia proceeded against a flu, maybe, and pork. Once again I say that only results of analyses will show, from what the kid has died.


316 confirmed officially cases of disease by virus A (H1N1) as to us have informed in a press - service of Ministry of Health, have been registered in Moldova as of November, 9th.

Only in city infectious hospital of a name of Toma Chorbe 100 persons are hospitalised nearby.