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How to help the son to the commission of doctors?

to the guy the first summons has come to a military registration and enlistment office for reception pripisnogo certificates. At the son disease which, in my opinion, can release it from service in army. A leah can spend an educational program on this subject that, helping the child, not to run into undesirable legal consequences?
Irina Konstantinovna.
First of all you should be clear in the mind, what for your child will go to a military registration and enlistment office and that will do with it there. And for this purpose open the Federal law About a conscription and military service . Article 9 of this law will tell to you about initial statement on the military account, article 10 - about duties consisting on the military account. From the law you learn that the major stage of initial statement on the military account is physical examination where doctors will define a category of the validity of your son to military service.
Categories of the validity five:
And - goden to military service. With this category of the recruit can call in any kind and a combat arm.
- goden to military service with insignificant restrictions (that is can minister, but not in all armies).
In - ogranichenno goden to military service (treasured dream of many recruits - with this category do not minister).
G - it is temporary not goden to military service (it is possible to apply for a delay on health for the term up to one year).
D - not goden to military service. Division presence not office categories on In and D - an anachronism. From the legal point of view of a consequence of removal of the conclusion about categories In and D are identical.
For doprizyvnika a validity category - only a letter in the certificate of the citizen who is subject to an appeal on military service (in so-called pripisnom the certificate - small golubenkaja a book confirming that the young man is accepted on the military account and is subject to an appeal on reaching 18 years). For the recruit the destiny depends on these letters: Would will give - will go to minister, will give In - will enlist in a stock.
Therefore it is important to present to doctors of a military registration and enlistment office full and trustworthy information about a state of health of the son already at a statement stage on the account. Agree, strange the inquiry on an ulcer revealed at 18 - the summer guy if in 17 years he did not suffer affliction even a gastritis will seem to doctors.
1. Prepare for an inquiry military registration and enlistment office about health of the son beforehand. Ask the local therapist to make an extract of an out-patient map of the recruit, assure its press of polyclinic.
2. Assure copies of other inquiries (more often young men suffer affliction ploskostopiem and a scoliosis).
3. If there are signs of these diseases - be not too lazy to make radiological research and to describe pictures at the orthopedic surgeon. Many scolioses and ploskostopija correspond to a validity category In, verify the diagnosis of disease with the Schedule of illnesses ( Requirements to a state of health of the citizens who are subject to initial statement on the military account... - (http:// www. gvka. ru/ zakon/ rasp/).
4. Present inquiries on health of the son to doctors of a military registration and enlistment office. Certified copies of inquiries save at itself.
5. The law allows to challenge the medical board decision in court. Therefore if your son is recognised by suitable or suitable with insignificant restrictions in the presence of the bases for a recognition ogranichenno suitable or not suitable, do not despair, converted into court.
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