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Urbanija in Kazan: hurt is not present, one winners

on July, 26th here has passed 8 - j festival of street subcultures SNICKERS URN. Admirers of an extreme have filled with themselves all platform about the Center, thus having managed to share on small groups. Girls - emo and goty flowed from fate - platforms to rappers. Guys, poigryvaja muscles, observed of competitions parkurovtsev.

- I am engaged year in it, - have informed parkurovets from Izhevsk, gleaming sweat droplets on hillocks of muscles. - certainly, for parkura it is necessary to be in the good physical form and constantly to train. In the city I oblazil all buildings. Including the highest.

Fans bejsbolok and the trousers hardly keeping on misfortunes, looked behind fight a break - danserov. Most of all falling was on a platform where fans of rollers, skejtov and bicycles competed. Fortunately, has done without serious traumas.

Urbanija has involved on a platform and girls - emo
the Photo: Ruslan ISHMUHAMETOV

- Them, probably, learn to fall, and it is good, - doctors from the carriage on duty nearby " have shared the supervision; First aid . - Come basically with grazes yes bruises. One fellow about glass has cut a hand for the present here in an electric train went, have sent with fast that have sewn up.

- Here they, fighting callosities velobajkerov, - the next sportsman has stretched the injured hands to doctors and has begun to whimper, when wounds have started to process. - at - oh to fall not so it is sick - about!

By the way, children not simply so competed. Award for the best group - record of the single in sound recording studio. And best of the best will be included into SU Team command, group of founders and carriers Urban - cultures to Russia. Names of the best will sound at the main festival in Moscow.

Has ended fest with performance constant last years hed - the liner Urbanii - groups the Dolphin. After that the festival has left in the following city - on August, 9th it will pass in Samara.