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The Kazan traffic lights play hide-and-seek

I has remembered these words when we during own spot-check moved on a city. What here observance rjadnosti? What the turn through the crossroads centre means? Drivers have hardly forgotten it. Simply to go not so - more conveniently and faster. But sometimes in infringements there is no fault of motorists. Frequently the marking and signs simply nonplus.

we Leave from a court yard on street Jamasheva (on a site from Amirhana and Musin) and long we think. Memory prompts that in the crossroads beginning there is a sign - movement only for routeing transport. To move on it it is impossible! To drive in a court yard or to leave it it is possible, only if is rupture or faltering. But here neither rupture, nor a dotted line. In general, it is possible to forget about departure. Meanwhile width bus strips such that can drive and two cars at once.

the Traffic light, like, no...
the Photo: Ruslan ISHMUHAMETOV

Perekrestok Amirhana and Chujkova. Here recently have laid new asphalt and a marking. And here traffic lights have not transferred. Here also it turns out that at driving on Chujkova and on stop - lines, back a traffic light any more you do not see, and ahead of it... No. More precisely, it is, but the electronic traffic controller is closed by brand new signs.

... And if hardly to move, already is.
a photo: Ruslan ISHMUHAMETOV

And such situation in both parties. You will not leave yet on a crossroads, a traffic light you will not see. But, apparently, this situation time. Traffic controllers here will be hinged - arms have already put, it is necessary to move traffic lights.

As to signs we have seen illogical enough sign in settlement Ametevo. He forbade to go faster, than 40 km/ ch, on road on which and 10 km/ ch to go dangerously for the car.

By the way as our readers inform, the situation with a marking at departure from court yard is identical almost on all city. But, probably, it is costs of quickly built up and repaired roads of Kazan. Only here it would be desirable, that also quality of road was good, and signs did not call surprise.

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