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Summer make-up: Shine without shine!

the voice-frequency cream is changed on the proof-reader and powder
the First and most important rule of a summer make-up - we use cosmetics with an easy structure. The favourite voice-frequency cream is changed for friable powder or the proof-reader.
there is no necessity to mask voice-frequency means under the full program in the Summer. Under the sun the skin receives vitamin D enough and consequently complexion in itself looks more healthy, than in the winter.
Pale poor things who spend summer at office and more were not in time podzagoret, will gain powder with easy effect of sunburn or svetootrazhajushchaja flickering powder. It well lays down on a skin and gives it a pleasant easy swarty shade.
Bags and black circles under the eyes we mask the proof-reader. It, by the way, too now is with svetootrazhajushchimi parts. That tone laid down exactly and accurately, to put the proof-reader patting movements by small pillows of fingers more correctly.
to avoid effect of a mask, colour of powder or any other voice-frequency means choose to match with skin colour and pay attention on a dangerous zone in the field of ears and a chin.
If the skin is inclined to fat content and glints in the sun, be reserved by cosmetic napkins with matirujushchim effect and during the day simply blot them the person.

the Comment of the stylist:
- At MakSim very much the expressive face, and me is pleasant, when it with a cosmetics minimum.
In this photo: the emphasis on eyes is correctly placed.
Not the most successful choice of lipstick. Too bright shade is not combined with smoky shades and, besides, does it is more adult.

the Comment of the stylist:
- Christina Orbakajte - a successful example of a summer make-up - easy colour correction of the person, a fresh shining kind, accent in the face of by means of successfully picked up shades, a soft lip gloss. All is very harmonious!

the Comment of the stylist:
- Irina Allegrovoj`s Fighting make-up is it for a long time the developed image, but for summer all - taki is too much cosmetics on the person and is too bright.
If performance on a scene is not necessary to you, I advise not to imitate Irina`s make-up.

the Comment of the stylist:
- Pay attention, at Juli Menshovoj just the classical form of eyebrows which very much goes to its face form. And the make-up as a whole is pleasant to me - vyderzhanno and it is natural, just that is necessary for summer.

the Comment of the stylist:
- At Eve Polna of a shade of colour of a sea wave - it is cheerful on - summer and it is combined with colour of a dress. By the way, all should look harmoniously - both a hairdress, and a make-up, and clothes. Do not forget about it.
At massive features and small eyes as at Eve, it is not necessary to do internal podvodku eyes, it looks ugly.
we Give to the person freshness
Some secrets of a make-up which will give to the person a fresh kind.
Flickering shades on an internal corner of an eye.
Svetootrazhajushchuju powder - not on all person, but only on cheekbones and nadgubnuju a hollow.
Cream blush to pound small pillows of fingers on cheekbones.
If the accent on eyes - is underlined them with the help podvodok and the marksman (they are actual - cheerful in this summer: green, violet and etc.)
the Accent on lips - is depicted an accurate contour (colour in colour with lipstick) and we put shine.