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Norwegians made the way in a confidential zone of the underground of Moscow

24 - summer Janarne Njunstad and 21 - summer Jens Vilhensen have arrived to Moscow from Oslo behind thrills. ekstremaly planned to make the way in depot of the Moscow underground, to paint cars with a paint and to be photographed on their background. Pictures of the exploit Norwegians were going to place on the Internet. On July, 21st young men have arrived to capital of Russia, and 25 - go have gone on business. However to plans ekstremalov it has not been allowed to be carried out. Vigilant employees of underground have detained foreigners when those tried to have a bite nippers a barbed wire in depot Printers . Njunstada and Vilhensena have detained and delivered in police station.
- to take from Norwegians of an explanation, we had to use a translation service, - employees LOVD have told. - Guys admitted that it at them a hobby such... Also that they are fond of it some years.
In a bag ten cylinders have been found out in infringers with a paint and the camera.
Norwegians admitted that earlier they bossed at home. And even seven times fined them for acts of vandalism. After that they have decided to arrive to Russia. ekstremaly have found through the Internet a detailed map of depot Printers . Secateurs and ballonchiki with a paint have got in Moscow. On cars swells as they confirm, wanted to draw the gnome from a cartoon film Belosnezhka and seven gnomes .
On this incident have already reported in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and embassy of Norway. Within the next few days ekstremaly will be deported from our country. And them will for ever refuse to arrive to Russia.