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The father of the victim in the USA the Voronezh student: Death of our son - a sign for other parents!

on July, 15th in New York have killed the Voronezh student Dimu Fursova. We will remind, the second-year student of faculty of journalism VGU has gone to the USA together with other children under program Work and Travel to see the world and a little to earn additionally. Dima has not stayed in America and two months as with it there was a misfortune. To it have put some mortal blows kiem in one of billiard rooms on Brighton. He has died in nju - jorkskoj to hospital of a hemorrhage in a brain. The first messages about  destruction of the guy have appeared in the Internet - blogs. Edition - Voronezh “ at once has contacted Dmitry`s friends - authors of notes. Unfortunately, the information has proved to be true. Some days ago from America father Dimy has returned. We have met it to receive all particulars of this awful tragedy.

- As soon as to us have informed on death of the son, I have gone at once to Moscow in the company through which we sent our child, - the inconsolable father tells. - me in the beginning have told what to issue the American visa for one day it is simply impossible. But after several calls including to Washington, the question managed to be settled. In the country I have received the entry visa literally for a pair of clocks. The same day I have departed to States.

“ All it is clear that 19 - the summer guy was lost for what “

In New York Igor Fursova was waited already by the representatives of company CIE supervising the Russian students in the USA.  

- Here all rendered to me maximum assistance. Without the aid of these people I could make nothing. All without an exception sincerely sympathised with me, understanding that the nineteen-year guy was lost for what.

On an arrival in Kennedy Airport of father Dimy at once have brought on a body identification, and then to a police station.

- I talked to detectives which have found and have detained murderers of Dimy, - Igor Jurevich speaks. - They have shown me all materials of business and a video film on which the crime in a billiard room has been fixed. I have read the police report. In it all has been in detail stated. Dima together with companions came back after day of work in demountable apartment on Brighton. Was about midnight. And children hurried by the underground. However on the way to station this ill-fated round-the-clock billiard room has got to them. In this place they were for the first time.

All has begun from - for the girl?

Boys have decided to play a little. After several parties Dima with a companion have gone out of doors to smoke. The friend practically has returned at once back, and here Dima was late. While it stood one, at it short conversation with the young Latin American was fastened.

- About what they then spoke, it is not known, - Igor Fursov remembers seen, - but on a film I have distinctly considered, how the girl standing on sufficient distance from the son, Dime any liquid in the person has splashed, and it silently was developed and has risen in a game hall. Our children at all did not suspect that this incident can end with tragedy.

Through any time the Latin American in the companies of two compatriots has come into a billiard room.

- I saw on record as one of guys has seized ky and without preventions and threats from all force have struck the son on a nape. Breaks ky, Dima faints and falls... And this gangster puts it four more - five blows!

the father of two children

has appeared the Murderer After that criminals have run away. However already next day the police has detained all gang. The first to a site has got 17 - the summer Latin American. The girl tried to get out in any ways, said lies to policemen, asserted that does not know the guys who have attacked Dimu. But it was simple to inspectors to open a deceit. All three lived in one quarter and for a long time communicated with each other. Now against it have brought action about false witnessess. To leave on the murderer it was possible by the morning when in police with the second participant of a crime was guilty.

- Having learnt that Dima has died, - Igor Jurevich tells, - he was frightened for the destiny and has given out polices a site podelnika. The murderer had appeared 36 - the summer American unemployed, the native of Spain, by the way, the father of two children. In police to me have told that though for this person of the criminal past was not registered, it all the same was in their field of vision.

Now the criminal sits in a pre-trial detention centre. To it have brought accusation in murder. To court (from half a year about one year) it will spend time under guards without the release right on the security. Under the law of state of New York the murderer is threatened at least with 20 years of prison, and as a maximum - a life imprisonment.

In Voronezh Dima played an orchestra “ the Coeval “.
the Photo: from archive of a family of Fursovyh.

“ I had a presentiment of it... “

Dima since the childhood travelled much. Parents tried to give to the only child all. For the first time it has appeared so far from the house one. Dima did not assign high hopes to this trip. He, as well as all at its age, wanted to see the world, find new friends, to practise English, at last, to earn a few money. The first failures with work have not broken spirit of the Voronezh student. For one and a half month, spent in America, he has had time to test on itself(himself) all street trades. In park on Manhattan Dima worked on velorikshe, and in the evenings played a saxophone. Here, as he laughed, it was known by each horse.

- Parent heart you will not deceive! These one and a half month I was stirred more than ever, - Elena Nikolaevna, mum Dimy admits. - I from the very beginning had a presentiment. I called up to the son almost every day, was well informed about all its events. Before a trip I adjusted Dimu, prepared it for that will be not always easy and cheerful. That he not strongly endured separation from the house, I have put in all pockets of its clothes small cards with encouraging words, and also candies, chocolates. Ridiculously, of course, but so it seemed to me that I am with it nearby. Still I have written it three letters. The first is a congratulation from all relatives happy birthday which he marked in America on June, 10th. The second letter it is simple the message from me. And the third letter has been written in case it will very strongly want to come back home. I spoke to it, read this letter, and to you it becomes easy. But he always spoke to me: “ No, I will not read it! I will unpack an envelope only in Voronezh “. Children joked about it, assumed that there, as well as in a greeting card, dollars lie. And Dima always knew that there not money, and parental support.

“ It is necessary to stop this stream of students from Russia in the USA! “

Last letter of Dima to read and was not in time. His death became for all the big blow.

- Now for us the main thing - to bury the son! - parents of the boy have shared. - In New York to me have promised that a body of Dimy deliver to Moscow within a week, - Igor Fursov continues. - There already are engaged in registration of all necessary documents. That will be then, we do not know. Death of our child - an original sign. It is necessary to stop this stream of students from Russia in the USA! On our children of firm simply earn money. Also there are no guarantees that your child will be not not thrown with work, will not rob and will not kill in another`s country!