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What enters into duties of the guide of a train?

recently has gone by train to relatives. For seven and a half hours that to me was necessary to go, and was not interrogated at the guide of tea. It would be desirable to know, what enters into its duties and where to complain, if it badly works?
Cyril Zajtsev,

as have informed in a press - the centre of the Russian railways (Russian Railway), with complaints to service in a train it is possible to call on a round-the-clock uniform telephone line of the Russian Railway:
8 - 800 - 200 - 67 - 67 (a call free from all regions Russian Federations).
the Usual letter send on the address of central management MZHD: 107140, Moscow, street Krasnoprudnaja, d. 20. Anonymous references usually are not considered.
in Vladimir it is possible to complain in department of passenger transportations at railway station. Ph. (4922) 49 - 31 - 32.

Principal duties of the guide look so (it agree To sanitary rules on the organisation of passenger transportations on a railway transportation of the joint venture 2. 5. 1198 - 03 from 03. 03. 03 ) :


Damp cleaning - is not more rare than 2 times a day and as required. Rubbing by a disinfectant solution of all handles in the car is obligatory;

cleaning of toilets with obligatory washing of floors and walls on height of 1,5 metres - not less than 4 times a day and as required with application resolved mojushche - disinfectants. Soap and a toilet paper in toilets of cars are obligatory;

clearing by the vacuum cleaner of carpet paths - not less than 2 times a day;

rubbing of hand-rail - at each stop to an exit (landing) of passengers rags with a disinfectant solution.


In cars of passenger trains tea (coffee) - not less than three times a day (with 8. 00 to 10. 00, with 15. 00 to 17. 00 and with 20. 00 to 22. 00 local time);

in a firm train or SV - at any time.

Besides, in all cars there should be cooled boiled or butilirovannaja a water.


In all cars for an additional payment - replacement of the used bedding;

in SV and firm trains bed refuelling is included into duties of the guide. In usual trains it is done by passengers. But the guide should prepare bed, if the passenger: the invalid; the patient; the aged; with small children;

in all cars the guide himself brings linen on places of passengers;

the conductor not earlier than 30 minutes prior to arrival of a train or after disembarkation of the passenger should clean the used bed-clothes. to hand over linen the passenger is not obliged.


How to reserve the train ticket through the Internet

On an official site of the Russian railways it is possible to reserve and redeem the train ticket.

the site Address: http:// www. rzd. ru/ .

Tickets are on sale on the trains following across Russia and to the CIS countries. On trains in the far abroad it is impossible to buy tickets. It is possible to book only the full or children`s ticket, preferential do not sell.

the Ticket it is possible to reserve a maximum for 45 days, a minimum - 2 hours prior to train departure. Commission gathering thus do not take, service of the order in the Internet too free. At the order it is possible to choose type and car number, and also places - top, bottom or sedentary.

At the order the data of the passenger and passport number are entered. Simultaneously it is possible to reserve a maximum 4 tickets. It is necessary to pay a credit card, any is accepted, except VisaElektron and Maestro. After payment tickets can be received at any moment in any cash desk/ d station without turn. The ticket give out under the passport only to on what name it is reserved (if the order for several passengers, to one of them).