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In Vladimir salaries of teachers can grow in one and a half time

last year our teachers have fed with such promise: since September, 1st, 2008 of their salary will grow! However, fabulous earnings nobody promised to teachers - to regional treasury not to pull increase in salaries more than on 50 %. Here one of these days deputies of local parliament on a subject " also have decided to arrange deputy hour; About new system of payment to workers of state institutions of education .
It has appeared, the ministry in any way will not register the rate for teachers - and introduction of new system of payment of teachers is transferred for the winter. And the teachers, believed to promises, wait. And it is quite possible that 50 - percentage increase of a salary of our teachers all - taki expects since September - exclusively in area scales.
- teachers - in it after all how much do not pay, and from the salary it seems scanty. Here it is necessary not on how much - that of percent to raise, and in two - three times! - deputies shouted in eager rivalry.
- In the regional budget of means the maximum on 50 - percentage increase will suffice, - the director of department of education of area Michael Koreshkov parries. As he said, for teachers with different qualification, experience and loading the salary increase will make from 30 to 80 percent.
but is big BUT . As Lydia Kirjachkova has noticed the head of regional trade union of educators, the salary of teachers will be all the same smallest. Besides, since January, 1st minimalka will raise to 4330 roubles, the scale of charges will change - and 70 % of teachers will receive such - that is the identical salary. Uravnilovka at different teacher`s loading anything good will not give. Who after that begins to check writing-books of pupils till the night? Only teachers with a long standing of work and high qualification decently will earn. And what to do young - to run to Moscow?
the trade union insisted, that since September, 1st of the salary of teachers have doubled. Deputies have agreed - more precisely, have expressed readiness to go on increase in expenses but unanimously. As a result - to the white house it is recommended to consider possibility of increase of salaries since September, 1st, and in bolshem the size in comparison with planned as it is written down in decision ZS.