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In Suzdal have played football... In bast shoes!

on Saturday in complex territory “ Hot keys “ in the second time have passed competitions on run in bast shoes “ the Suzdal verst “. All participants: both adults, and children, both sportsmen, and fans, - ran one verst (the verst is equal to 1 076 metres). Bezlapotnaja public watched running, and the others had a good time, as could. Competitions with Old Russian colour was much: ball tamping in bast shoes, broad jumps, a bast shoe throwing, run with bundles of fire wood. But especially football in bast shoes was pleasant to public. On sand have made a marking, gate from birch trunks have put. Football players before a match primatyvali bast shoes an adhesive tape - that kept is better.
ยาม24 Command against " command; Eridan “
the Photo: Alexander UTKIN
the Moscow businessman Sergey Ivans has seen for the first time bast shoes only last year - on “ to the Suzdal verst “.
- We with friends even as - that suited a thematic party, on it all were in suits and vesper dresses, and standing - bast shoes. Here now has seen football in bast shoes - too so we will play as - nibud.
competitions by running vipov Have come to the end.

Details read on Tuesday on July, 29th