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Russia had a James Bond!

it would Seem, summer, holidays, sleepy calm. Including on television. Here is not present. The central channels have decided to diversify an announcement grid new dishes . From next week display of several new serials begins.
the Confidential agent hunts on the zombie
the NTV channel will please again fans of extremely topical cinema. A serial Blind. The program to kill such - extremely topical. History following. Secret service agent Klim Neverov by a nickname Blind goes on the task to Petersburg. There there was a murder of the large businessman. Of a crime suspect its personal security guards. And circumstances specify that suspects were under powerful psychological pressure. Better to say, them have transformed into the zombie. Techniques with which help it managed to be carried out, have been developed in Soviet period in the closed scientific research institutes...
Blind, investigating this case, leaves on the whole underground network: field laboratories where by means of psychological programming prepare terrorists. It will be found out that murder in Peter - only the first link in a chain of grandiose plot. Certainly, Blind it will untwist all, all will expose. But also itself thus becomes a target for villains because very many has learnt...
James Bond at its finest! Only Russian.
the Director of a serial Alexander Jakimchuk - the master as regards films in which heroes face either superabilities, or with confidential technologies. It, for example, filmed the mousetrap Law which hero possesses hypnosis technics.
People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs and a phantom of the shaman
On the First film display " begins; Rescue our souls . It military - an espionage detective. Action occurs in August, 1942. The senior lieutenant of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs on a surname Mild direct to minister in regional management on island Tajmyr. He as him already call in port has not had time to start responsibilities: in the sea the corpse of the seaman is found out. And in the meantime and in management people start to perish enigmatically. Radical tajmyrtsy are assured that it is spirit of shaman Mergena that have defiled its tomb revenges... The lieutenant of People`s Commissariat of Internal Affairs tries to solve secret.
During shootings actors had to work in extreme conditions - the temperature was less than 10 degrees, and over them poured water from fire fire engines. Ekaterina Gusev (she plays a film singer Hrunichevu) so it was froze that for the following scene in a cave it was reserved by several plaids with electroheating.
the Detective in resignation
the Serial the Autumn detective on the channel Russia are is dashing twirled stories of various crimes. The protagonist, the inspector of Office of Public Prosecutor of Taverns (it Nikolay Chindjajkin has played), passes to teaching activity. And here he learns that its friend, businessman Trushnikov, under obscure circumstances has dropped out of a window of the office. Taverns it is connected to investigation... And it only one business from many which will be untwisted by the skilled detective. In the Autumn detective there is no shooting and fights. But there a lot of entertaining psychology.
NTV, Blind. The program to kill Monday - Thursday, 19. 40.
1 - j, Rescue our souls Monday - Thursday, 21. 30.
Russia, the Autumn detective Tuesday - Thursday, 22. 00.
And At this time
the First channel within the limits of the night project City fops begins display of the American serial Mistresses . Four charming ladies are elderly slightly for thirty - Katie, Shaban, Trudi and Dzhessika - close girlfriends. At each of them the problems and experiences. At Katie who works as the doctor, darling has died, Shaban with the husband cannot get the child in any way, one nurtures Trudi of two daughters. And only Dzhessika easily looks at the world: she always knows, that wants and as it to achieve. In general, it is such analogue Sex in a big city In which, truth, much less sex, but there are thriller elements.