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Whence on the Kurshsky plait black oil stains?

on beaches of the Kurshsky plait till now lies viscous and badly smelling hydrocarbonic dirt. To wash heels after walk at the sea it is rather uneasy. But while answers to questions Who is guilty? and what to do? scientists of the Atlantic branch of Institute of oceanology of a name of P.P.Shirshov search only.

we Will remind that in the end of June on sea coast of a plait has thrown out the first party oil products. Then there were first victims among tourists and local residents. Already it is possible to tell with high degree of definiteness, pollution whence has gone.

- We used model of drift of an oil spillage of the Swedish institute of meteorology and hydrography in the calculations, - the research assistant of laboratory of geoecology of Institute of oceanology of Elena BULYCHYOV tells. - on this model we have found out that a dirt has brought from the West. I have remembered that in the end of June on spot-check of Baltiysk from companion ENVISAT the big oil spillages have been found out. Once again having studied a picture received on June, 27th at midday, I have suspected group of oil spillages on spot-check of Baltiysk which, possibly, and were at the bottom of pollution. The direct forecast of drift of these stains has shown that they have gone to cape Taran and further have turned on the east to a plait. The stain part has gone to coast around Svetlogorsk. Thus, model has prompted where still to search for flood traces.

Scientists have gone on cape Taran where have selected tests of a black oil mix. The first site which surveyed at coast of the Kurshsky plait, - area of a camp site of the Dune. Here, in the area of a surf, black oil traces have been found out.

- that is heavy hydrocarbonic fraction, instead of easy oil or solar oil, any more did not call doubts, - Elena Bulychyov admits. - it is visible, in the sea from one of courts there was a black oil leak. On July, 22nd we have taken samples at sea coast at the Dune camp site, around a dune of Efa and further have driven to the Lithuanian border.   Came across in the area of a surf black oil grains and wafers are the separate clots scattered on all width of a beach!

Though in management of national park declared that there are no special occasions to trouble, ecological conditions at the height of a beach season of fear all - taki call. Surprises, why the name of the captain and the vessel name - the infringer or the military ship is not known. After all the automated system of identification of courts allows to make it very quickly.

  - Stains of oil products   were considerable enough on the area, - Elena Bulychyov explains. - the biggest - 8,6 square kilometres, the second - 4 square kilometres, the third - 1,5 square kilometres. In the beginning of August we will direct tests to Moscow.