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Alexander Gvardis helps to hammer in a penalty

On Wednesday the transferred match in Russian football the prime minister - league has taken place. Met situated near Moscow Saturn and Yaroslavl SHinnik . About - sluzhival game the Kaliningrad arbitrator Alexander Gvardis. This match became for our fellow countryman to the 100-th in national championships. Strangely enough, having behind shoulders such experience, Alexander Petrovich could not name game which would be remembered to it more the than the others.

- I judge many games with participation of the Moscow commands, - he has told. - and it always derbi which differ heat. Anyway, whoever played, the match remains in memory not for a long time. And then it is at all erased.

Today Alexander Gvardis is considered one of the most authoritative judges in Russia. Operating arbitrators is more often it left in the field only four - Nikolay Ivans, Yury Baskakov, Igor Egors and Stanislav Suhina. By the way, for the career Alexander Petrovich has appointed 23 odinnadtsatimetrovyh blow. And all of them have been realised. That is for regular penaltistov - rivals its purpose for a match can be considered as frank luck.

we could take an interest at Alexander Gvardisa in opinion concerning an episode in a match the Locomotive - Spartak when the fan has in the field run out, and the Czech legionary is red - white Radoslav Kovach almost in podkate has knocked it down. For it the main arbitrator of that meeting Igor Zaharov has immediately shown to the Czech legionary a yellow card.

- In such situations the arbitrator always operates on the discretion, - has commented on a funny episode of Gvardis. - About it till now there are discussions. If on a place of Zaharova there was I would not began to stand on ceremony and would show a red card. I always said that the football player should play football. To catch hooligans is a business of militia.