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Hotel Hajjat have deprived of a fencing

some metres of a fence of a steel apple of discord between the authorities of capital and a world famous network of hotels
the Photo: Herman LOMKOV

on July, 24th, Narimana Tjuleeva has been cleaned by the order of the mayor of Bishkek a fence separating hotel Hajjat from the area located before Opera and ballet theatre. Conversations that the fencing erected round hostel, closes to townspeople access to a monument of ballerina Bjubjusary Bejshenalievoj, were conducted ever since as almost 10 years ago the mayoralty has signed the permission to fence installation. However, it is impossible to tell what to approach to the bronze ballerina absolutely it was impossible: in the daytime all interested persons could pass on territory Hajjata truth, as a rule, thus was necessary to explain them to a protection service the purpose of the visit. This moment the majority opponents a fence also resulted as the main argument in long-term dispute.

Now when access to a monument has appeared it is opened also the majority of townspeople has rejoiced (though, it is necessary to note, much of them, actually, there was no business both to a fence, and to its pulling down), has outright become angry hostel administration, having declared that actions of the mayor undermine image of a network of five-stars hotels Hajjat . Here that the general manager Bishkek " has told to us in telephone interview; Hajjata Punit Tandon:

- We have received the decision of the mayoralty on the eve of a fence pulling down. However this document has unilateral character: us have simply notified that the fencing will be cleaned. Such approach contradicts all arrangements earlier reached between our parties, including the earth lease. Therefore the mayoralty decision - is absolutely illegal. But I am assured that dialogue with the mayor who is necessary to us, should pass exclusively within the limits of the law, time Kyrgyzstan considers itself as a lawful state.

- Otherwise you will solve a question in a judicial order?

- About it to speak while it is premature. I can underline only that we have a specific goal - to achieve returning of a fencing to a former place because it, as well as everything that is in hotel territory, ministers for maintenance of the international level of image of a network of hostels Hajjat .

By the way, one curious detail of mutual relations of the mayoralty and hotel has opened and more: Here 8 years the hostel renting 2 hectares of the capital earth about 2600 dollars though on idea such rent should manage at least in 200 000 dollars.

  What else cardinal changes wait our city from giving of Narimana Tjuleeva, we have asked the first vitse - the mayor of capital Oleg Tarbinsky. However he admitted that cannot give an unambiguous answer:

- You see orders from the mayor arrive portsionno. But I can tell that he hopes to introduce in Bishkek at least an elementary order, and its decisions should be of use for a city only.

under a photo: some metres of a fence of a steel apple of discord between the authorities of capital and a world famous network of hotels


the Theatre director of an opera and ballet of Bolotbek Osmonov: the Main thing that at a monument it was pure!

- that now for bishkekchan and visitors of capital all approaches to a monument of our great ballerina, of course, remarkably are opened. But there is one but : now, when territory will not protect, it can become same littered, as a site round a monument of Toktogulu Satylganovu. And on a broader scale, I happened in the different countries and I do not remember, that where - that network hotels Hajjat have been fenced by fences.