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Captain Valentine BARTASHEV: Piracy bullets whistled at me before a nose

Fight for lives of crew and own for our fellow countryman, captain Valentine   Bartasheva, has ended. Its international command has scattered on houses by the plane chartered on ukrain - skie money (in crew was four citizens of this republic). Valentine reached Kaliningrad through Kiev. There, at a briefing at the airport Borispol, authorised the Supreme Rada under human rights Nina KarpaCheva has handed over to the Russian captain a breastplate For courage (is more detailed about it is in for July, 25th).    

we Will remind that 13 persons of crew (except mechanics), grasped Somali   pirates in the end of May of the German dry-cargo ship Lemann Timber criminals of more month held in cabin, the area of 10 square metres, without normal meal and water. Ship-owners have redeemed crew for 750 thousand dollars. However, money has arrived on the ship only after journalists have trumpeted worldwide that pirates have started to shoot

captain Valentine Bartasheva who has Come back to Kaliningrad has invited to a press - conference. Valentine has come to edition with the wife Xenia and daughter Julej who waited for its house long 42 days. It is natural that after endured medical aid is necessary to the seaman. Valentine has told that the Kaliningrad regional hospital was called to survey it at own expense.

the Captain was in a uniform sweater with epaulets in which he had to worry the Somali captivity. On the left chest the Ukrainian award gleamed.  

- In the middle of one of last days May, after a dinner, my second assistant, the Burman, has told to me that to the ship dvizhutsja two boats, - Valentine Bartashev began to remember. - Unfortunately, he has noticed them too late. But I nevertheless tried to maneuver, beat off one of boats a stern. But from - for a board total load Lemanna Timbera from a waterline towered on any one and a half metre. Somalis had not to throw a cat at all.   but they have opened fire on a vessel on approaches.

- Bullets whistled everywhere, - Valentine Vladimirovich has told. -   I, in captain`s cabin, run up to the block with the confidential button (pressing gives an instant signal about affliction on the panel of the ship-owner. - Red.) . One bullet flies by at me before a nose, another - at a hand. Thank God, during an attack the onboard computer has suffered only.

Pirates have driven the command in close cabin. Bandits was only eight persons. After aboard Timbera the others sat down, it is more 20.

- If committee on negotiations and ship-owners were disturbed by our lives, in first four - five days Lemann Timber it would be possible to release

During conversation before Valentine Bartashevym there were plates with sweets, drinks and oranges. But for an hour and a half captain has only drunk a few coffee.

has presented to it a collection of disks and books from a series Great composers .

- with you to music we Will listen? - He has asked the small daughter of Juli.

the Girl has seriously nodded.  

wishes Valentine Vladimirovichu Bartashevu an absolute recovery.

Detailed history odissei captain Valentine Bartasheva read in one of the nearest numbers Members of the Komsomol .