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From a lake Issyk bottom - the Sack 2,5 tons of garbage

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According to the head of department of the state ecological control of Bekbolota Mamatairova, clearing of a bottom of lake on beaches of the city of Cholpon - Aty, sanatorium " has been spent; Blue Issyk - the Sack and boarding house Gold dust . The cleared area has made 30 thousand square metres. As he said, similar actions also will be spent in boarding houses Akun Solar coast and Rahat after the season termination.  

On June, 21st State EPA and to a forestry carries out water monitoring in lake Issyk - the Sack in the most active zones. By results of the chemical analysis water corresponds to specifications extremely - admissible concentration on all defined components - has informed journalists the deputy chief of department gosekokontrolja Taisija Neronova.    

And here the chief of department of ecological examination of Kubanychbek Noruzbaev has informed that at lake coast unapproved building more than 100 objects is stopped. According to existing norms, any building on a strip in 100 metres from lake is forbidden, and on 500 - capital constructions are forbidden a metre strip. At revealing of similar infringements building stops, and licences are withdrawn from infringers, as has been made.  

Besides, according to department of wood ecosystems, the quantity of illegally cut down trees and bushes for 2008 makes 6 126 pieces. The damage caused to a forestry, has made almost one and a half million catfishes. According to the director of department of wood ecosystems of Askata Kysanova, the increase in the facts of illegal cutting down is connected with rise in prices for energy carriers. people cut down trees for the decision of any household problems, for building. About 60 percent of the cut down trees go on fire wood - the official has explained.  

For today for poaching 9 persons eight of which are denounced conditionally are involved in a criminal liability. But except toughening of measures of punishment measures and on artificial gardening of territories are taken. During the last years the area of landings is increased on 220 thousand hectares. annually we land about 29 million saplings - Majrambek Aliev has concluded the deputy director of department of wood ecosystems.