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Bashkiria shortage 95 - go waits some gasoline?

from the beginning of July in the Ufa market of oil products gasoline of stamp AI - 95 gradually began to disappear. Now offers for wholesalers at factories are not present, and the price for the remained gasoline has risen in price for ten days for 650 roubles for ton. According to the large Russian company OMT - Konsalt which analyzes the fuel markets of our country and the world, the probability of occurrence in July in the market of Bashkiria of gasoline of this stamp of local manufacture in enough is extremely insignificant.

- we carry out the analysis of the Ufa market three times a week. Given to us give davalcheskie the companies (the companies which are engaged in processing of raw materials and sale of a ready product - gasoline - a comment red.) . Absence of gasoline the Premium it is connected by that on Ufa and Is new - Ufa oil refining factories for the present could not restore manufacture of gasoline 95 - j the stamp in the necessary volume and with necessary quality after a stop on it is repair - preventive works of installations which make vysokooktanovye gasolines, - has explained the chief of department of marketing of a group of companies OMT - Konsalt Andrey SHEREMETEV. - for now absence of this fuel at local factories of the company will compensate imported the Premium from other cities, or selling the remained stocks. Also artificial processing 92 - go in 95 - j is possible. However now in small volumes the Premium appears at individual representatives in the wholesale market. But its quality leaves much to be desired.

At republican factories have confirmed that at them preventive works were spent and, most likely, they will earn on a total power in the near future.

now there is a question: if at present in the wholesale market is not present local 95 - go some gasoline the price of imported fuel, probably, will fly up to heavens? As experts have assured, owners of cars do not need to panic. Under analytical forecasts, on autorefuellings the price 95 - go if will rise, is insignificant. The matter is that within this year the price for gasoline and so has seriously risen. And now our consumers simply are not ready to buy even more expensive fuel.

as to 92 - go gasoline it, to the contrary, has fallen in price in the wholesale market - its manufacture exceeds demand. However any company is not going to reduce the price on Reguljar . These are market traditions. Cost simply will freeze before the next jump of the prices.