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Bashin has raged

On Friday members gradosoveta Kaliningrad broke spears over the project of a hotel complex near sport centre the Youth on coast Pregoli. By request of the international operator Akkor on this place have designed some buildings, a foot zone and the bridge with a turret which should connect the former area Lastadie to island Knajphof. Buildings with a modern stuffing have decided to decorate with a decorative cover - facades which remind fahverkovye the warehouses which were in this place in Kenigsberge.

- to underline communication with Altshtadtom (this disctrict of the city it will be restored in the neighbourhood. - Red.) We should go in a historical key, - Evgenie, the young architect from a workshop " has explained; the West - Service the representing project. - and here the bridge is our romantic moment. Only we have not solved, with a turret it should be or without a turret

- you necessarily solve this problem, the exact answer to this question - with a turret or is necessary to us without, - Valery Kuzljanov has strictly told on it fulfilling duties of the main architect of Kaliningrad.

it is More at it as a matter of fact than remarks to the project was not. But were at its colleague Vadim Yeremeyev:

- On this place there are big congestions kaliningradtsev, it is a point of mass rest of people (when g - n Yeremeyev, interesting, observed there mass rest? - Red.) And consequently such free area should be preserved in city centre. After all, look, a centre slice cut out! Not this place, unfortunately, children, for your project, not this place

seemed To me that Yeremeyev will now be bent through a table and will friendly pat young Evgenie shoulder: Not this place, druzhishche Evgenie . But at it phone has rung out. And for Evgenie skilled Kuzljanov has responded:

- Under the project already is zemleotvod and there is an investment offer so the designer works here on the lawful bases.

- And I here have seen a picture of that are going to build in the newspaper, and was terrified, - the former main architect Vasily Britan has exacted a promise. - Building here it is impossible for a message! After all here there was zaproektirovana a free area. Near the river there should be a space. And in 60 - e years when it was projected, competent spetsy worked, to us so. I against this project!

Here any more have not sustained nerves at Alexander Bashina, too the main architect and too the were:

the Turret near the bridge (at the left) has called many questions.

- Here it is necessary to build it! Then this territory will start to live daily because a city will get access to the river. About it we told on workshop

With each word a voice of Bashina grew stronger. The architect grew furious literally in the face of:

- Think, it was easy to enter here to the investor? No! He could choose any other city, but has chosen Kaliningrad. Also it is necessary to appreciate it. Besides it gives to a city the bridge at own expense

Were distributed zhidenkie an applause, and someone has laughed. Then Valery Kuzljanov, in the recent past, by the way, subordinate Bashina, has said with authority:

- Thanks, bright and good performance, also it is not necessary to laugh. And to Vasily Fedorovichu (to Britanu. - Red.) I want to tell: there can be such building near the river, can. Go to Hamburg.

- it is not necessary to send me to Hamburg! - Britan has boiled.

And that is correct. Hardly the admirer of the Soviet town-planning thought 60 - h will find years in Hamburg something for itself useful.

- Other project we cannot allow today ourselves, - Valery Kuzljanov has summed up. - technically, on hallows architectural

And the project of a hotel complex as a result have countenanced: nevertheless the serious investor has entered and it not jokes. Especially the bridge gives to a city. With a turret. Or without.

Here it still should be solved.