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From park of a name of Panfilov expel owners of attractions

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Here a fourth day in capital park of a name of Panfilov there are no signs of life. Rare visitors bewildered stroll on the become empty park which for a long time has become by favourite vacation spot of townspeople and visitors of Bishkek. The decision of the mayoralty on electrical supply stopping delivery in a rest zone became the reason. Moreover, with tenants contracts on the basis of the mayoralty order " are terminated; About reconstruction of parks and zones of rest Bishkek .    

The matter is that before the administrative commission a number of infringements has been found out. According to the commission, at whom lacks are revealed should release workplaces only. But meanwhile, now the park administration expels all. It has appeared that formal occasions to universal exile of owners of attractions - a pond prudi. It and absence of patents, the sanitary inspection permissions, the expired working life of attractions. Tenants assert that documents are obviously forged. That the notification message about commission carrying out is written out backdating, as they said, bears to it. Also confirming to the words they have shown sanitary books and licences.  

Leases have been concluded for a year, private businessmen had been brought a down payment which now it refuse to return. To tenants veleno to leave park territory already today. Not consent with such decision, they intended to spend the last night at the attractions - being afraid that all their property without them can be dismantled under favour of the darkness.      

Behind the help workers of sphere of entertainments were converted into a public reception of the president, in Office of Public Prosecutor but while it has not brought desirable results. Now tenants collect at not numerous visitors of the signature against park closing. For these days sympathy to them have expressed nearby 300 bishkekchan. Though workers also convince that without work they do not remain, they in it do not believe. to us say, what are going to transfer a part of attractions to park Ata - the Turki but where us there to be located? This park cannot accept so much hands. As the administrative commission will spend the same checks and in other parks, means, and there people will lose workplaces - one of tenants confirms.    

In the meantime, the park administration asserts that wants to make of park a quiet, silent zone also denies hearings that as if on a place of park someone is going to construct large shopping centre.