Rus News Journal

Oil has fallen in price for 2 dollars

the Prices of the world market for oil following the results of the auctions on July, 25th 2008. At leading oil stock exchanges have considerably gone down. The official prices of oil futures of the next month of delivery have made:
in London on InterContinental Exchange Futures - IPE Brent Crude - 124,52 (- 1,92) dollars/ barr.; in New York on New York Mercantile Exchange - Light, Sweet Crude Oil - 123,26 (- 2,23) dollars/ barr.
For last one and a half weeks of the price for oil have fallen on the average to 14 dollars/ barr. And as of July, 23rd were established at the low level for seven weeks.
At the same time the prices have decreased insignificantly. The information on decrease in comparison with previous year of consumption of energy carriers in the USA and the countries OESR continues to render constraining influence on the market.
we Will remind also that the price oil baskets the OPEC is saved at the low level for seven weeks. As of July, 24th a basket has fallen in price for a day on 1,47 dollars, and its price has made 122,42 dollars/ barr.
This lowest value since June, 5th of this year, when the price oil baskets there was last time below a mark 120 dollars/ barr. Also made 118,72 dollars/ barr. In the meantime a historical maximum for baskets the OPEC is a price mark 140,73 dollars/ barr., registered on July, 3rd 2008.