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And at us in a court yard razvlechenja to children

In Southern district of Khabarovsk, on Furmanova, 9 has passed a feast for children And at us in a court yard . For five years it became already traditional. And every week it is equal in 11. 00 in one of court yard where there is a big platform, there are volunteers military - the patriotic centre Soar . They collect round themselves children. And fun begins! To one distribute are small or felt-tip pens that drew that will want. With others compete in relay races - run, jump, skip. And about an hour after all participants receive prizes - sweets, charms or toys.

- the Most active participants - children 6 - 13 years. But we are glad to everything, - the volunteer Olga CHIPIZUBOVA assures. - we Involve in competitions even passers-by.

Well and when to a court yard come rostovye dolls is on a broader scale indelibly. Here all tenants will run together. After all the big bright dolls from all windows it is visible.

- the Program each time new, - the leading expert of department on social problems of committee on management of Southern district tells Diana STRELNIKOV. Is a continuous improvisation. And the main thing - mood. On our feasts always cheerfully. Also it is an excellent way to occupy children in the summer.

Next time And at us in a court yard will pass on August, 1st in 11. 00 in a lane Moldavian, 6. Ph. for inquiries: (4212 36 - 00 - 99.