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Five simple questions on an appeal in Volgograd

  - How much planned to call and how much have called this year?
  - About 4 thousand recruits were going to call for urgent military service in the Volgograd region. According to military men, the plan is executed on all of 100 percent.

  - What infringements during invocatory campaign have found human rights organisations?
  - Most of all infringements in this appeal it is connected with summonses. Under the law, this document is given personally in charge to the recruit, under a list. But legal experts have found out many cases when the summons handed over to parents, to relatives, neighbours or even sent by mail. And in military commissariats of the Soviet, Voroshilovsky, Kirov areas to young men the summons from Office of Public Prosecutor came: to be such - that numbers. And already there employees of Office of Public Prosecutor gave in charge of the summons from a military registration and enlistment office. Though it not in their competence. Also illegally called   in a commissariat   who had at this time a delay on study.

  - a leah Will have legal proceedings with military registration and enlistment offices?
  - Yes, will be. For example, the young man is going to be converted into court to cancel the summons. A military registration and enlistment office, knowing that it has a lawful delay on work, has called it on involuntary service.

- As hearings about a possible appeal for 2 years of 8 months have affected campaign?
- To us told that people threw high schools and gave bribes: it is better to go to minister now for a year, than to the following appeal almost for three years, - has commented   Nina ponomareva, the head of the Volgograd regional remedial public organisation of parents of military men the Parent right . - But it only hearings - anywhere are not present the information on increase in term of an appeal. Though children said that to them on it have informed in military registration and enlistment offices of Krasnooktjabrsky, Traktorozavodsky, Soviet, Voroshilovsky and Kirov areas ( is more detailed how have worked hearings on the Volgograd recruits, read in from on July, 9th ).

- that will do with those recruits who should take away in army, but have not sent to minister?
- Them will take away in the autumn, let do not worry, - have responded us in a military registration and enlistment office of the Volgograd region .