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In Priamure the two-year child have drowned in a butt with water

This shocking case has occurred in Belogorske in a family of Volkovyh (the surname is changed). On July, 23rd about o`clock in the morning at first in Fast and then in militia the family head has called and has informed that has found the two-year son dead in a butt with water. Inspectors have arrived into place within thirty minutes.

- Parents assert that that evening all have gone to bed, having closed before it doors on locks, - the public prosecutor - the criminalist of Belogorsky interdistrict investigatory department of SOU SK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation Dmitry ERMAK tells . - at Night mother has woken up, has noticed that the bed of the son is empty, and has woken all who was in the house. At first people have searched all house, then left in a kitchen garden. And here they have seen that hair of the child stick out of a butt.

Dvuhsotlitrovaja of a flank was almost full - to edge there were no centimetres ten. By the way, medical examination has shown that the boy has sunk, any physical injuries have not found out, that is before it nobody beat it.

that day Volkovy and their visitors have started to drink since the morning. This family - from unsuccessful. In the house full insanitary conditions, a dirt. In spite of the fact that small Roofing felt was almost three years, he practically did not talk, with adults communicated gestures or low .

Criminal case have raised the next day. Now by means of a polygraph check all who that night was in the house. Except the boy, his parents and the little sister, there there were relatives of mother, and also the stepmother of the father - only eight persons. Last, by the way, was earlier sudima for causing of heavy harm to health. And the grandfather of the lost boy suspects that it could drown it. Investigation details are not disclosed yet in the interests of the investigation.

- the Small child could not get out itself at night of the closed house. The consequence has some versions, all of us now check them. One of them - the negligent relation to the child, - marks Dmitry ERMAK. - Parents could take out the child in a kitchen garden before going to bed to wash it in a butt with water but as were drunk could forget about it.