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In kindergartens and camps of Krasnoyarsk to children have forbidden to give fresh fruit and vegetables

In Krasnoyarsk kindergartens and summer camps have forbidden to give to children fresh fruit and vegetables. Now salatika from pomidorok, cucumbers and fresh cabbage, an apple to children do not give.

On such extreme measures it was necessary to go not to admit the next flash iersinioza (dangerous disease which is extended by rodents) in child care centres.

After all for hundred small Krasnoyarsk citizens rest has ended on a hospital cot in this summer. Children have poisoned with salad from fresh cabbage in camps Solar and the Miner after an infection have found out in kindergartens of Lenin and Soviet areas, in BSMP adults began to arrive... In total iersiniozom in edge 132 persons, from them 96 - children were ill.

After the first cases of infection and preventions of health officers of danger has changed nothing - in hospitals the new and new diseased arrived. Though simple processing of cabbage - carrots boiled water or a weak solution of vinegar kills an infection. Probably, to cook food correctly the cook have not learnt... As a result of Rospotrebnadzor has decided not to give at all to children fruit and vegetables in a fresh kind.

- the Decision will operate until further notice the main health officer across Krasnoyarsk region, - Natalia Krasnopeeva, a press - the secretary of regional management of Rospotrebnadzora explains. - Now danger passed, in Krasnoyarsk there are no new flashes of an infection. But that children were not ill again and rejoiced to rest, it is necessary to fulfil our requirements.

In kindergartens to children while cook compotes from dried fruits. And that though as - that to fill shortage of vitamins, add them in meal in the form of chemist`s tablets.

- Children receive all necessary microcells and useful substances from other products, - the main pediatrist of Krasnoyarsk Ekaterina Barhatova considers, - it cook berry compotes, bake pies with a fruit stuffing. Similar measures are really necessary, as can be more important than nothing than children`s health. When children will come back home, will quickly make up for lost time. To parents I would advise to give to children more than garden berries (certainly if there is no on them an allergy): a raspberry, a black and red currant, ranetki - in them the considerable quantity of vitamins.

Dear readers! And as you consider: similar measures are really justified? A leah it was necessary to forbid fresh fruit in child care centres instead of correctly storing them and carefully to wash out before preparation? Or better really to be reinsured? Call in edition by phone (3912 59 - 17 - 72 or leave responses under this article.