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Gate have put at school stadium without any documents!

the Achinsk Office of Public Prosecutor named the reasons on which football gate have fallen to third-grader Vanju Chernova.

we Will remind, it happens on May, 19th at Achinsk stadium. To the child has smashed a head, it by miracle has survived.

Investigation “ “ read here.

- Inspectors have sent me the missive where have confirmed: infringements of the federal law " are admitted; About sanitary - epidemiological well-being of the population “ - Vladimir Chernov has told. - the Achinsk administration which received new gate for children`s stadium, did not have on them the elementary documents confirming quality and security; manufacturer instructions on installation. There was no also a document confirming the fact of safe fastening of football gate on a platform. As they say in the answer of the Office of Public Prosecutor, guilty persons it is necessary “ To involve in a disciplinary responsibility “. As a matter of fact, it only reprimand. Though infringements which lead to serious traumas, is a criminal offence. But has passed more than two months from the date of incident, and the Office of Public Prosecutor and has not raised criminal case...

By the way, the history with Vanej Draft so and has taught nothing anybody. In June - July has occurred three more states of emergency to collars: just the same loose designs have crippled children in village Great near Yaroslavl, in Rostov. And in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskij the child was lost …

And At this time

to Parents lost detsadovskih kids are not given by results of examination

Will remind, in the beginning of summer Volodja of Sirs has died of not clear infection in Abakan to a kindergarten, and then the girl from the same group, Vick Plotnikova. In the beginning doctors suspected that children pozarazhal enterovirus. But it appears, it was not - the main health officer of Khakassia Alexander Kozlov has some days ago informed on it. And  destruction of two children from one group - tragical coincidence. However parents do not believe doctors. The day before father Viki Plotnikovoj was converted behind the help to independent lawyers:

- It is said that time heals. Has passed two months, and I and my wife of it have not noticed, - Sergey Plotnikov speaks. - it is the heaviest to live with thought that the child could live, if all - both employees of a kindergarten, and doctors, properly carried out the duties. To us, by the way, till now have not given results of medical examination. Why? After all we, as parents, have the right to know truth!

Behind the help parents Vicks were converted to Khakass legal experts:

- In a kindergarten when Volodja of Sirs was ill, did not know, it is dangerous the virus which has amazed it to other children or not, - the head of the Khakass remedial centre Dmitry Lantsov speaks. - Means, employees anyway should sound the alarm, warn about possible danger of parents. Not very well, has died Vick of the same virus, as Vanja, or from another. At appropriate control over health of children, especially, when one child has already got to hospital, death of others could be avoided.