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That will construct along quay of Miass in Chelyabinsk

Such kind on quay will open from a porch of museum of local lore.

At cheljabintsev at last - that there was a hope that the quay of Miass will be transfigured.

- Twenty three kilometres of a coastal line will find a civilised kind, - the head of department of architecture of town-planning Dmitry GRADOBOEV promises.

Next Wednesday on city gradsovete should accept the first site: the project of reconstruction of the Rock-garden. It is a piece between museum of local lore and sports palace the Youth . On an idea of architects here should   To grow trading - dosugovyj a complex with underground parking on 180 - 200 places.

the Complex will unite six independent buildings, built on a gallery principle. On the first line showrooms, cafes and small restaurants with a kind on the river will take place. And in buildings of the second line - shops and shops.

to Offices have told is not present

- Offices here will not be, - the first is almost assured vitse - mayor Oleg GRACHEV. - it is enough of them and on Kirovke.

the new complex will be low: only two floors. So on the river from neighbouring skyscrapers it will not close a kind. Besides will issue it in uniform style with museum of local lore: on a facade will go light keramogranit and glasses much. And something it is similar to a wall of a strong hold.

Avenue of sports glory

But the Rock-garden most part all - taki will leave to a garden. And along a new complex will break Avenue of sports glory. It will be decorated with sculptures of the glorified players from Chelyabinsk. In the centre of a public garden architects promise to establish a composition from huge Ural stones.

By the way, now under this platform city communications are hidden: an electricity, livnevka, a heating main. Them plan to transfer to a special tunnel which will construct along granite coast. And it means that in the future line fault services should not dig out a public garden - will enough go down in a technical corridor.

- Just as in Paris! - Oleg Grachev has pleased.

Between coast and trading - dosugovoj 20 metres of parkway remains gallery. It becomes original continuation of Kirovki.

In the mayoralties believe what to embody all conceived in a reality it will be possible for couple of years. To equip this platform promise on money of investors. By some estimations, those will enclose in the project not less than 450 million roubles.

P. S. And in September the mayoralty promises cheljabintsam to show a detail design of reconstruction of the Scarlet field. Work of sculptor Mitroshina " becomes one of highlights of the future project; the First teacher . It can put around crossing of street Red and K.Marx.

And At this time

Archeologists will glance on building

the First on the future building archeologists will step.

- the Next site under museum of local lore has given us in due time a remarkable material: we have found old small streets of Chelyabinsk, the rests of a fence, a XVIII-th century thing, - the deputy director of Archaeological centre of science Gajaz SAMIGULOV tells. - Something similar (the old ware, tools) can meet and in Rock-garden territory. This place pioneers of Chelyabinsk rendered habitable one of the first. Probably, traces of ancient settlements or parking will appear.