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As I rescued powerful horses

I Admit at once: close I a horse never saw, did not touch and, especially, did not walk all. To me twenty three years and all life I have lived in a city. In edition I am engaged in a newspaper site. Why I have agreed on this adventure - incognito to be arranged for three days to work in a state stable where the last are silently bent in Russia the vladimirskiy heavy trucks? Curiosity has forced. Work under cover! Always dreamt about something similar. Confused only a work place...

the Bond. James Bond

to Get on object it has appeared business simple. I did not begin to climb through a fence. James Bond`s firm gait I have passed through the main gate and have seen it... The harmonous girl in fitting sports leggings observed of me from a stable door. Its hair pulled together bright bandana.
I already went to it, without tearing off a look from perfect eyes, when under krossovkoj something foully chavknulo. A foot on an ankle uvjazla in a giant heap of manure.
- you the beginner? - It is sympathising the girl - konevod has asked.
- Dementyev. Ilya Dementyev. The student of a third year biofaka, - I tried as it is possible more imperceptibly otteret krossovku about a grass. - before offsets there are some days off, and I wanted to look for a long time at horses...
- to us here on a broader scale - that workers are necessary: horses to clean, clean behind them, to feed. You, hour, not the fastidious?
- not fastidious. - I have vigorously begun. But during this moment from a near stall have deduced a horse. I have glanced inside... And me poplohelo. All floor in a stall is covered by a thick carpet: a mix of sawdust and manure. In a nose shibanul a pungent smell.
- that, the head is turned? - The maiden has maliciously asked. Is with neprivychki. Simply wetting a horse contains ammonia. Now it is still tolerant, when ventilation works also draughts around. And here in the winter on a broader scale sentry. Already tear knocks out! Anything, you will get used. Have gone, I will show, how a horse to clean. My name is Tanja.

SHlepni it on a thigh!

- And his name is the Geologist, - Tanja has clapped on a nape of a huge stallion not clear okrasa. The horse from feet to a head has been covered by a dust layer and sawdust. Only the big prominent eyes shone. He from height of the growth with curiosity examined me. - you it be not afraid, it at us quiet. Only behind do not approach - ljagnut can.
of anything to itself - be not afraid! I was lop-sided on hoofs. Everyone in size with 15 - the inch monitor! And this monster, probably, ton weighs.
- look: a horse you put on an outcome, - Tanja has deduced a horse on the corridor middle, through a ring in a bridle has passed a rope and has adhered to a wall. - you take two brushes. One rough - it lift wool, beating out a dirt. The second soft to brush away a dust and to furbish up. By the way, where at us a brush? - Tanja has looked round on the parties. - excuse, at us here on 20 horses of 4 brushes only.
eventually brushes were in the next stall.
it is accurate not to disturb the Geologist, I have started to clean off sawdust from a skin.
- yes that you iron?! - Tanja has snatched out at me from hands a rough brush. - you should clean, instead of iron. Look!
vigorous movements the girl has started to scrape a brush on each side a horse, the dust and wool has extensively departed.
most of all I worried about the feet - was afraid that the horse will crush them. While I cleaned the Geologist, it constantly touched hoofs. I only had time to turn aside. And the Geologist is enough pofyrkival also substituted to me that one, other side: a pier, do an ill turn - clean. Substituted so that pressed down me to a wall. How to shift such large object?
- you it on a thigh shlepni, - have prompted Tanja.
In the end - the ends wool of a horse has begun to shine. The geologist has appeared warm darkly - brown colour.
but I was from feet to a head in lumps of wool and sawdust.
and the turn of the dirtiest work - shelter cleanings has then come. By the way, as I was explained by Tatyana, the shelter is at cows, and at horses - dennik. And it should to be cleaned, and to beat off.
the first shovel of fresh manure has fallen down on my unfortunate krossovki. Trying to breathe through a mouth, I have loaded a wheelbarrow (nevertheless the Geologist - a powerful horse!) And with a broom has swept a floor. Has then brought fresh sawdust.
- was tired? - Hiding a smile has asked Tanja. - And at us on three little girls twenty six horses...

the Horse feels all

One dennik contains: one horse, three wheelbarrows of the manure, two wheelbarrows of sawdust
the Photo: Alexander UTKIN

For days the vladimirskiy heavy truck eats 20 kgs of hay and oats, plus vitamins and salt. The stable though also state, belongs to the Ministry of Agriculture, but budget money why - that reaches here hardly. Last year almost six months of a horse were without oats and ate rotten hay.
- We have just taken out our heavy trucks to Moscow on any festival, - Olga Raskosova, were konevod has told state stables, - so people approached to us, asked: you from Osventsima have brought horses? . And have then ceased to bring and hay. Then little girls on the money bought it a forage, went to farmers - hristaradnichali.
... This year with forages it is better. We with Tanej have started to set to horses hay. On a wall of one dennika there was a radio receiver, any dance music played, I have made a sound more loudly. Unexpectedly horse on a nickname of Git has stepped to a wall, has put a head near to the receiver and has covered eyes.
- he that, listens to music?! - I have stared at a horse - the music fan.
- happens behind it such, - Tanja has pulled about Gita for holku. - the Horse, she sees, hears and feels the same as also we. Happens, the horse will become sad, costs all the day in dennike, will not stir and to meal does not react. And why longs, not clearly... And still they like to play. You see, at them in dennikah bottles with sand hang? These are their toys. They a muzzle in it tychutsja, sand rustles, and it it is pleasant. We at one horse have cleaned a toy, so it an air line has broken also a laying in a wall has started to break out. And problems and without it suffices. You see, all windows of a stable - without glasses, only which - where are tightened by a film, and the roof proceeds. Denniki all are broken, and that all it to repair - money simply is not present.
In distant empty dennike were delivered - rats have begun to squeak. Yes, it to you not mice computer

                                                                                  *                     *                       *
in the Evening I have come into edition. All why - that at once have jumped aside from me, holding noses, and the editor has suggested to work in-home.

Ah yes Russian!

Next day Vladimir Ivanovich Fomin has come to a stable. Low krepenky the old man has appeared the present legend. Not crowned king of Russian three has acted in film in three tens films, has established on the vladimirskiy horses world records which are not beaten till now (though to the grandfather eighty). At it in a sledge sat Khruschev, Brezhnev, Mikoyan
is our uncle Volodja, - Tanja has made a purring sound, - he knows all about horses. And at cinema how much time removed it. A film Morozko you remember? And so, uncle Volodja there with our heavy trucks acted in film.
- I in all films of director Rowe acted in film, - Vladimir Ivanovich has assumed a dignified air. - And when in America was, on to a three all states has gone round. Local amerikashki as heavy truck will see, to the eyes do not believe. The horse beautiful, strong, at a tort runs - each step mints. On a hippodrome a three I will deduce, so all from tribunes jump, shout: Ah yes Russian! What horse! .
Fomin has gone to America as the best equestrian of the country with a three which Khruschev has presented to one local senator. We with Vladimir Ivanovichem have deduced in levadu a stallion of Kabul. Levada is the open area for vygula horses. It has been covered by water.
- and water it here what for? - I was surprised.
- in levade on a broader scale it should be dry, - Vladimir Ivanovich closed gate beyond Kabul. - but here underground a concrete platform, from - for it water does not leave. Burit it is necessary, and money for it is not present. Here horses each time in this bog also become wet It is a pity to me them. Have forgotten about them absolutely. And after all what breed was! In northern woods our heavy trucks are simply irreplaceable. Where the technics will not drive, there the horse will pass. And now after all everywhere these tractors and trucks. Here also take them only on copulation, yes to Siberia sometimes, on tree fellings.
in levade Kabul froliced as a foal. Rushed circles, breaking from a lynx in gallop, rolled in a dirt, it was stuck with a muzzle into stable windows, trying to discover the relatives. During this moment from an arena have deduced a couple of young mares. The young stallion has jumped up to a protection so quickly that nearly has not taken down shabby gate. Ears has put from a sonorous neighing.
- that it with it? - I have asked Vladimir Ivanovicha.
- And you do not see, a leah that? - Laughing, he has said. - a stallion young, hot. And here mares. It can also through a fencing to jump.

Here there did not live even spiders

In a building of a state stable there is no glazed window
the Photo: Alexander UTKIN

Olga Raskosova loshadmi is engaged 15 years. And in April, 2008 it have dismissed from a stable, ostensibly for infringement of safety precautions regulations. Olga is assured that it simply wanted to stop up .
are last thoroughbred vladimirtsy in Russia. Surprising horses - a genofund! And so with them to manage All has begun in 2005, - there has begun the story Olga. - before the state stable posessed all building. And here private traders have come and have organised sports school. They have occupied the most part of premises: denniki, locker rooms, an arena, but in exchange have not given us anything. As a result the state horses have appeared actually locked in one wing. By the way, the Office of Public Prosecutor till now understands legality of these actions. No, we not against school, absolutely to the contrary. Children There come, all very much like horses but why we have as a result appeared almost in the street? And the awful has then begun. You would see that during that moment were created in dennikah. At horses of decay of a foot, pneumonias have begun! Even spiders did not live in a stable, was so dirty and syro. Horses and now are ill, after all veterinary surgeons to them come seldom.
as a result of all it the livestock of breeding mares and stallions was sharply reduced. Now on a state stable remains only 10 stallions - manufacturers. On Jurev - the Polish horse-breeding factory on a broader scale two stallions and 56 breeding mares. It thus that is necessary for normal development of breed of not less than two hundred mares at one factory! The vladimirskiy state stable in Jurev - Polish takes foals for livestock updating. And so this year there there was no foal.
- and how - that earn to itself on life horses cannot? - I have asked. - is after all ippoterapija when sick children treat driving on horses...
- at us an interdiction have entered - under safety precautions, persons are more younger 18 years to stallions - manufacturers are not supposed. Though it on a broader scale absurdity. Many long years the stable on children kept. They here crowds came, for loshadmi looked after, went for a drive. Now children only in konno - sports school remained yes at excursion sometimes come. All keeps on our little girls - enthusiasts. It is necessary nothing for a management.

I have called from edition to the director of a state stable:
- There are at us no problems and never was, - Ilya Semakov has declared, - forages suffice horses, and with sport school too all is excellent. At them the half, at us the. I do not know, whence these hearings go that at all of us it is bad.

As they die

Horses know, when they will die
the Photo: Alexander UTKIN

For the third day the shyness before loshadmi where - that has left. I already safely put on them a bridle, fed and ironed. To beat off dennik too it is possible, and even I have begun to smell any more did not notice - have sniffed. In the morning on a stable our photographer has come. On a legend, I have presented all Sashku as the classmate supposedly the photographer - the fan, have come horsies posnimat. In photosession half an hour in a stable of Sanke became badly.
- I on street will go, air I will breathe, - sdavlenno have murmured Sasha and have trudged to an exit.
the poor fellow...
and we with other Sashej - konevodom   - harnessed a stallion of the Roar.
- a notable horse! - Alexander has noted konevod, putting on a horse a collar. - at last competitions of all has overtaken.
- and what for competitions? - I have asked, getting on a cart.
- competitions of heavy trucks on dragging of cargoes, - Alexander has responded, directing to the Roar in the field. - for the life the horse can participate in such competitions only three times. It pulls cargo at first at a tort, then step. And you know, what biggest weight pulls? You will not believe - 9 tons! At us now in a stable of 19 heavy trucks, the strongest we will train for competitions.
In the field Alexander has picked up to a cart podsanok, a small wooden platform which increases weight of a cart to two tons.
- give, the boy, walk! - Alexander urged on a horse. - do not get off on a lynx, walk!
on a way the flock of cows has got to us. The roar has frozen.
- he that, is afraid of them? - I have asked Alexander.
- is not afraid, - has responded konevod, - it is simple to it interesting. At whom character pozadoristee, still can pursue the same cow.
- and you saw, how they die? - I have asked.
- certainly, saw how not to see, - Alexander has chewed lips as if remembering something. - at us two years ago at a mare the hypostasis of lungs has happened. Some hours per convulsions beat her, have not died yet. Such sometimes help. Before them cut, now a current kill. Get in a special premise and the category start up. Then a knife on a throat that blood to lower. In general, here strong nerves are necessary. They after all precisely know, when them will kill

                                                                                                *                       *                       *
I skakal across the field on a huge black game. The wind whistled in ears, in a nose beat a smell raznotravja. Under the Roar skin heavy muscles were rolled, lumps of the black earth flied from - under huge hoofs. I have seized a dense mane and the only thing that I would like that this mad race did not stop. Ahead of a silver tape Klyazma has flashed. And suddenly the horse has risen as driven. I have flown through it kudlatuju over a head and have backwards crashed down on the earth. I open eyes, and it was inclined over me, has doused hot breath and has stuck with soft lips into a cheek
- That you create, wolf syt, a grassy bag, - I ask it quietly, feeling a head. And it to me a human voice:
- Forgive, Iljusha. Do not kill me. I still will be useful to you...
during this moment I have woken up... Behind a window poured a rain and it was necessary to go to edition. To the computer.


Heavy trucks - sprinters

have deduced Breed of the vladimirskiy heavy trucks in the forties the twentieth century on breeding farms of collective farms and state farms Jurev - the Polish and Suzdal areas of Vladimir region and Gavrilovo - Posadsky area of the Ivanovo area. The vladimirskiy breed of heavy trucks has been created by crossing of local unpretentious and hardy dray-horses with Scottish klejdesdaljami and English shajrami. These powerful horses were irreplaceable at processing of heavy clay soils vladimirskiy opolja. On force the vladimirskiy heavy truck concedes to the Soviet heavy truck a little, however advantage of breed are the best results in the ratio weight - speed of movement - endurance . Without cargo vladimirets it is so quick that, despite the big massiveness, many representatives of breed can run at a tort 1600 m for 3 minutes that is the standard of playfulness for two-year trotters of Russia. And with cargo 1,5 t the vladimirskiy heavy truck can run at a tort a distance in 2 km.


As though elbows not to start to bite

Breed is under the threat of disappearance for the economic reasons . I have read it in Wikipedia about breed the vladimirskiy heavy truck . The terrible state formulation. Unique horses, alas, are economically unprofitable. And history monuments, music masterpieces - all economic? All over the world piously store that made pride and glory of the nation, and at us - have tired out knee-deep in manure and wait, while itself will die.
Perhaps simply there is no mind to make their favourable? Really it is impossible to organise tourist show as it do in America and Europe, to make simply live monument... In the end - the ends to save   as a unique genofund. And that gasoline all rises in price... As though not to start to be whipping the cat then.

Alexander of EAGLES