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The Doctor of Philology professor Stanislav Suhih: « In 1942 Solzhenitsyn ministered in Gorki area »

Very few people knows that in the Great Patriotic War beginning the great writer served in Gorki area.

on a state of health of Solzhenitsyn not at once has been mobilised, but very much wanted on front. In 1941 it have distributed to the Rostov region, and a year later it has got to artillery school to Kostroma. After the termination of study of the future author Gulag Archipelago in a rank of the lieutenant have directed to Saransk. There, nearby to Bottom, the spare regiment on formation of battalions of artillery tool investigation settled down.

- the information on abiding of Solzhenitsyna in Bottom then - Bitter, very poor, - the professor Doctor of Philology Stanislav Suhih has explained to us. - when and where it ministered, I find it difficult to respond. I can assume only: It was the end 1941 - 1942 the year, one of railway stations of the Nizhniy Novgorod region. Solzhenitsyna had a rare speciality - the gunner - korrektirovshchik sound investigation. It has described events occurring in those days in the story the Case at station Kochetovka after 21 year. Yes, even in the war Solzhenitsyn did not throw a feather: kept military diaries, wrote small products.

as we managed to find out, station with such name till now exists in the Nizhniy Novgorod region. In Sechenovsky area, just nearby to border with Mordovia where Solzhenitsyn also went from Kostroma.

- it is known that initially Solzhenitsyn named the story the Case at station Kochetovka also to wound the editor-in-chief of magazine October Vsevoloda Kochetova, - the teacher of stand of the literature of the XX-th century Stanislav Ivanovich tells. Is it is connected with a sharpness of opposition of its edition and The new world in which Solzhenitsyn periodically published the products. Actually there there was a first official publication of fragments from the novel Archipelago a Gulag . But nevertheless at the publication the name has been changed on Krechetovka

Citations from the story:
* On Information bureau reports, it was impossible to spend a front line, it was possible to argue, at whom Kharkov, at whom Kaluga. But among railwaymen well it was known that for Central to Tula trains any more do not send and through Yelets reach unless the Upper course. Bombers and to Ryazan - the Voronezh line here and there broke, dumped on neskolku bombs, Kochetovke " has got also;.

* ... And about ten days ago have fallen down whence - that two crazy German motorcyclists, have flown in Kochetovku and on the move scribbled from automatic machines. One of them have put, another was carried away, but at station from shooting all isperepoloshilis, and the chief of group spetsnaznachenija, knowing explosions in case of evacuation, has left to jerk a pumping station put earlier tolom .

* ten days went their four on the native land, as on wilderness. Their cargo was - twenty thousand sapernyh shovels in factory greasing. They also carried them is Dygin knew it from the place - from Bitter in Tbilisi. But all cargoes were, it is visible, more urgently, than this bewitched cold, in the stiffened greasing cargo .

* - I most of all love plays Bitter. And on a broader scale - Bitter! The most our clever, most humane, great writer, you agree?
Tveritinov has made eyebrows effort to find the answer, but has not found it and has kept silent .

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Stanislav Ivanovich Suhih , the Doctor of Philology, the professor. Was born on May, 26th, 1939 in village Vilegodsky the Arkhangelsk region. In 1961 has ended Gorki university, in 1966 - postgraduate study. Here 42 years teaches at the Nizhniy Novgorod state university of a name of Lobachevsky. It is awarded by a medal For development virgin and laylands (1957).

the Author of books:
Contemporaries about Bitter (1989)
Error and Maxim Gorkogo`s recoveries of sight (1992)
Disputes on authorship the Quiet Don (1999)
Psychological literary criticism of Ovsjaniko - Kulikovsky (2001).