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Gennady Brusentsev: At signalmen much in common with subjugators of the sky

From July, 24 till July, 27th in airdrome Zmeevo for a rank of best of the best 66 sportsmen (33 crews and 11 commands) struggled. The strongest pilots from Moscow, Samaras, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Saratov, and also visitors from Germany, Ukraine and Belarus have played superiority in personal and command offsets.

the Participants acting on domestic Mi - 2 and foreign Robinson - 44 and MD - 500 competed in performance of four exercises: navigation, flights on accuracy, razvozke cargoes and a helicopter slalom. As a result absolute champions of the country became Victor Korotayev and Nikolay Burov from Samara (TSSK the Air Forces). Among female crews in absolute offset took priority them zemljachki Lyudmila Kosenkova and Elena Prokofiev. Besides, the Samara helicopter pilots have defeated command offset, having outstripped ten commands. Following the results of competitions in Tver Russian national team which will act in the World championship in Germany in August " will be generated; - the head coach of a national team Nikolay Rodionov has told to journalists.

For tverichan the main gift there was a present aviation feast which has passed in Sunday. Bright show with participation of professional sportsmen - helicopter pilots and self-pilots, parachutists and glider pilots, and also military experts from Torzhok - for a long time remains in memory of spectators. The main sponsor of this feast and all championship any more the first year acts as Open Society TSentrTelekom .

- Why helicopter sports are interesting to the largest telecommunication company TSFO? - With this question we were converted to to the director of the Tver branch TSentrTelekom to Gennady Brusentsevu .

- TSentrTelekom - the solid organisation with 150 - summer history, - Gennady Petrovich has underlined. - Its business the same as also helicopter sports, is based on high technologies. Signalmen in the work effectively combine laborious work of highly skilled experts and unique possibilities of modern telecommunication technics. In helicopter sports important both personal skill of sportsmen, and skilful use of the most complicated cars. At us much in common, and we are glad to support subjugators of the sky - enthusiasts and professionals of the business.

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Open Society TSentrTelekom - the largest telecommunication company of a fixed-line telephony. Now it carries out the activity in territory of the Central Federal district where lives more than 20 % of the population of Russia.
TSentrTelekom gives to the clients a wide spectrum of telecommunication services, including:
- services local and vnutrizonovoj telecommunication,
- high speed access to the Internet with technology use xDSL,
- date transmissions,
- wire and radio broadcasting.

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the Tver region wins the right to become a venue of the open championship of Russia on helicopter sports any more the first time. And it is not casual: at small aircraft in Verhnevolzhe old and nice history.

In post-war years Kalininsky aviasportklub has prepared hundreds sportsmen - pilots. Sports honour of club and area at zone, republican and all-Union competitions was protected by sportsmen - pilots of the master of sports of the USSR Victor Nikitin, Ljubov Shemaeva, Vladimir Nikonov, Vladimir Lapov, Evgenie Ivans, Alexander Shmonov.

However an icon the Tver airsport by right it is considered Valentine Drokina. Being since 1979 a member of a national team of the command of the USSR, it has mastered 18 types of flying machines, has accumulated more than three thousand (!) flight hours.
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