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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have shown to the world of the babies

Fresh releases of American magazines People and Hello! Scatter as hot pies. Still: after all on covers of editions - long-awaited photos of newborn twins of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pita.

Magazines have paid to star family on $7 million for the right the first to spend photosession of Noksa of Leon and Vivien Marsheliny and to take exclusive interview. To twins was only three weeks when happy parents have dared to let in journalists estate recently got for $20 million in the French Provence.

-   Viv it is very similar to Angelina - outwardly and habits, and character in it is felt the same. And Noks is similar to me! - proud Brad Pitt has bragged to photographers.

Kids were born on July, 12th in Nice - for a month before the planned term. To the movie star did Cesarean section. Boy Noks Leon was born with weight 2 kg 270 g, its sister Vivien Marshelina of all on 10 gramme is heavier.

Now the actress has completely come to the senses after the delivery.

- the full chaos At our place is now created, I admit to you fairly, - Angelina Jolie laughs, - but we consult and we get used. In general, all is wonderful! SHajlo and Zahara (the senior children of pair, - a bus) To us help. Submit pampers and hold clothes of kids when we change clothes of them.

Obtained for pictures of children steam money promises to direct on philanthropy.   by the way, it is exact also Brad and Angelina have arrived with the fee for the first cards of their daughter Shajlo Nuvel. In June 2006 - go they have received   $5 million from magazine People also have given them to welfare funds “ Doctors without borders “ and “ World movement for children “. Then actors also have offered 300 thousand dollars on purchase of the medical equipment for hospitals of Namibia where their daughter was born.

the FILE

the Pair wants the seventh child

Destiny has reduced together Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in November, 2003 on a film set “ Mr. and Mrs. Smith “. They liked to act in film together, and by the end of a film they already felt pair.

Cειχΰρ at 44 - summer Pitt and 33 - summer Jolie six children: two-year daughter Shajlo, newborn twins Vivien and Noks and three adopted kids: 6 - summer Meddoks from Cambodia, 4 - summer Paks from Vietnam and 3 - summer Zahara from Ethiopia.

In July on a threshold of maternity home Angelina Jolie has declared that they with the husband want to adopt one more child - this time from China. They want to take the kid who remained without parents from - for terrible earthquakes in a province Sichuan.

the Cover of the American version of magazine Hello!   the Phrase from above: “ the Main exclusive of year “

magazine People Cover. On a picture from above   one of kids is squeezed by Shajlo, 2 - a summer daughter of star pair. In magazine - the whole family album on 19 - ti pages.