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Accused of rapes primortsa have sent in a mental hospital

Today Victor Strunova accused of two rapes under the decision of Ussuriisk court have taken away in psychiatric clinic. There it within a month will be investigated by doctors who should find out, a leah really stammers the prisoner or not. We will remind, the worker of railway depot from Sibirtsevo in November of last year of guards of the law and order have detained in Ussuriisk. It have beaten and have accused of two rapes and attempt on rape. Already more half a year Victor Strunov is in a pre-trial detention centre. According to lawyer Victor, proofs of innocence of its ward set. One of the cores - stutter since the childhood. After all a victim unanimously assure court that the tyrant spoke without halts (see for June, 17th, 2008).

- It is not known, with its what medicines will stuff in a mental hospital, - the wife of accused Anja GLADKOSKOK sobs in a tube. - everything Now becomes to set Vitju.

the Main alibi is confirmed with numerous witnesses and results of examinations.

- We with Vitej have lived together more than 11 years, and how much I know it, he always strongly stammered, - the first wife of the defendant, Elena has told. - my child has same defect of speech, probably, this hereditary.  

- To me on physical examinations Victor went annually since 1999. It I know not only I, at us in polyclinic any doctor will tell that Strunov stammers, - the doctor - neuropathologist Andrey SHEVTSOV also has given evidences in court. - when I have seen it beaten after militia could learn only on its stutter.

However the court has considered all indications of witnesses unpersuasive.

- Business is in manufacture and will terminate not earlier than October. To make comments while there is nothing. The court will solve, he stammers or not, - judge Tatyana PAVLENKO cut off .