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Tarzan has run away from the Queen

the Star family has arrived to Sochi both to have a rest, and to work. Having stopped, as usual, in the favourite private hotel, Natasha and Vladimir have walked on quay and have some times plunged into Black sea. But absolutely to relax   it was not possible to them. In the evening in a concert hall Festival they were waited already by admirers. Natasha looked even more perfect - freshened up and grown thin.

- Natasha well done - constant spectators, - as the girl spoke. Last time   looked is worse.

At this concert at the Queen there was any special passion and playfulness. click and look other photos.
the Photo: Tatyana KIREEVA

At this concert at the Queen there was any special passion and playfulness, but also without dushevnosti has not managed. Communicating with the spectator, appear, it here - here will jump out from a scene so sincerely she made a declaration of love to all sitting in a hall. After verbal recognitions, it has started singing about soul, is visible the which is strongly torn to will. And in the end of a song that (and the body) covered this soul has torn: sharp movement of a hand it has removed from herself the concert dress and remained in a black bathing suit with pink wings. On a broader scale, as to suits, the Queen changed them with a velocity of light.

- And as soon as is in time, - spectators in a hall were surprised, - only has come in one, and a second later left in other.

All the Queen has managed to show nine concert dresses. Well, and as to Tarzan, such variety of vestments to it, perhaps, to what. And with each part it became bare more and more. On a song about an angel it, of course, as for that also waited, left with a naked torso and huge white wings for   a back.

- the Wife, the wife, ah, Natasha! And dushoju you, and a body are painfully good...
a photo: Tatyana KIREEVA

it is interesting that when   Tarzan appeared on a scene, the Queen as if did not notice it. Glushko, having straightened the big shoulders, tried to approach more close to the wife, and   that   at this time   escaped. Here such direction. But when the Queen changed clothes behind side scenes, Tarzan as if forgot about the beauty - the wife. He danced with little girls from show - ballet, continually admiring at their forms. And then on a scene there was a high fatty - the intriguer. Glushko began to stick to it and, without having waited the song terminations, has run with it for side scenes.

- Here that do with men of the fatty, - the sunflower Queen, - and I here all on diets laughed.
a photo: Tatyana KIREEVA

- Here that do with men of the fatty, - the Queen, - and I here all on diets yes on days of limited intake of food has burst out laughing.

Then Natasha has remembered the youth and those songs which have laid it a star path - the Small country Yellow tulips and about sunflowers.

to Tarzan in admiration remains nothing, as will return to the pensive wife, once again to show the figure of the macho, having apparelled this time in a skin of a wild beast. And then, it is unexpected for the Queen, it is easy to lift it on hands and to drag off for side scenes.