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When will clean a ladder - the murderer from a court yard?

in a skyscraper court yard along the street Fedjuninsky, 7 - and there is a children`s horizontal bar with a ladder in height of not less than 20 metres! About a deadly attraction we have learnt from readers “ After the material publication on August, 1st this year “ In Tyumen have strengthened all football gate “ in edition Andrey Petrovich living in Southern microdistrict has called.
- every evening I pass by this very tall ladder and I see, how on it the children clamber. And it is possible to be killed! - was distressed tjumenets. -   It that for a children`s playground such and who has thought up it?
as it has appeared, it not exaggeration. Sports “ a corner “ in a court yard devjatietazhki it has indeed appeared the giant sizes. For ekstremalov or suicides - the first that has come to mind. Also costs besides behind a dustbin.
- we do not play this horizontal bar, - tell children from Danil Protazanov and Andrey Palnikov`s this court yard. - Strashnovato on it to climb. Ladder high also it is shaken. Rusty everything, it is possible to slip. Also can break at any moment. Those who is more senior get to the very top. There still rings were on ropes for gymnasts. So they know, at what height were?! For what do not jump. Now them, truth, have cleaned. And this vast object costs till now.
beyond the years serious Daniels has still explained that about a ladder it is possible to break also a foot when it is shaken. Also has shown as.
- When though have put this “ a sports corner “? - I am interested at schoolboys.
- we do not know. How much we live here, it is so much and this large object costs.
I addressed the Same question to the adults living in the house along the street Fedjuninsky, 7 - and.
- So to this horizontal bar of years 25 since the house have constructed, - remembers Ljubov Ilinichna Sintsova. - At me from it nobody fell. And thank God!   and to clean, of course, it it would be advisable. So who will clean it?
- One year ago saw, how malchonka years of five has fallen from a ladder, has painfully hit, has begun to roar, - the passing by Valery Milyutin speaks. - children here not only on a ladder climb, they also on the top, on a crossbeam, sit. Represent, what height! And on a ladder are shaken, as on a swing. Here even to argue there is nothing: in a court yard where children play, this apparatus obviously superfluous.

the Comment of the expert

Alexander Chistjakov, the chief of department on building and justice land tenure on Kalininsky district of Tyumen:
- If this sports corner really represents any danger, it, of course, it is necessary, to clean. We will necessarily understand and will take measures. To inhabitants was to write the letter addressed to Victor Smolina, the head of a justice on Kalininsky district of Tyumen enough to solve this problem.