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Passengers turned over in Tatarii come back to Perm

As we were informed by the director of road service station of settlement Apastovo Ramil Nazmeev, in 11. 45 Moscow time Apastovo to Perm were left by the stamp bus Mercedes . In it tourists of the bus which has turned over in Tatarii have gone home. As it became known to the correspondent, doctors apastovskoj have made of hospital the decision that by the same bus there will go also five victims to failures. Now them prepare for an extract. Four more most heavy remain in hospital.

the Bus will not carry the suffered tourists to Adler as it was planned earlier. In Perm we managed to contact relatives of those who was in the ill-starred bus. Parents unanimously assert that about any rest now cannot be and   speeches. Even those who has not appeared on a hospital cot, feel now badly. Many after the endured are tormented by headaches.

Landing occurred in two places: On road service station where in the bus the passengers expecting of flight back in hostel of road service station have independently sat down. Other five have joined the fellow countrymen around local hospital. We will remind, doctors have allowed to come back home to five victims in failure for the further treatment.

And here names of four injured permjakov, remained in hospital of settlement Apastovo after yesterday`s failure

1. Rubtsova Natalia, 1976, - crisis of a body 2 - go a vertebra.

2. Burylov Denis, 1981, - an incomplete dislocation 4 - go a cervical vertebra.

3. Burylova Veronica, 1986, - the closed crisis of the right clavicle.

4. Ozhgihina Nina, 1955, - crisis of a body 7 - go a vertebra.

we Will remind, other passengers of the bus Perm - Adler have now left to Perm.

In travel agency Amra - tour To us have informed that after the bus of the stamp Mercedes 404 will drive to Perm, all tourists will carry on areas. Relatives will notify by the mobile phones specified in contracts on a place and time of a meeting of the native.

Time in a way will roughly make roughly 9   hours, so much the bus " also went; Hajger towards Adler till the failure moment. Hence, relatives can already meet passengers in the evening.

  As have informed in hostel of road service station of settlement Apastovo, all permjakov within one and a half days of expectation of flight to Perm, provided with hot meals.

  Completely a material   about the failure which have occurred yesterday   and video from an event place look here