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Morandi in Vladivostok the sleeplessness

tormented the Romanian duet has arrived in regional capital in the evening a day before a concert. Musicians so were exhausted by long flights across Russia that they have gone at once to hostel to sleep off.

- Children almost days flied from Romania to Khabarovsk where they had a concert, and then reached to Vladivostok so very much were tired, - admitted PR - the manager of group Belief.

Despite exhaustion and feeling sick - the stomach strongly was ill soloist Randi - the singer with a smile answered questions of journalists.

is at us already the thirtieth concert in Russia but so is far we did not call in yet, - Randi admitted.

Unlike other foreign stars, musicians at all were not afraid to go to our country about which criminality many hearings in the West go. Randi has told that he read about Russia, therefore much and was not stirred. Here only change of time zones has knocked down its and other collective. Musicians toiled with a sleeplessness till the morning, and only with a dawn could have a sleep a little.

Specially for journalists of Randi at which classical music education, has played on the piano standing in a hall of hostel, a melody from the hit Angels.

- in the Evening we would like to look at Vladivostok better, and that I while have seen only mad movement and a considerable quantity of people in the street, - Randi has told.

And organizers of tours admitted that after a concert musicians have asked to give the chance to bathe by it in sea of Japan.

- We will go on Shamoru, - the Belief has told.