Rus News Journal

For 6 months 2008 Open Society branch MRSK the Center - Tverenergo has allocated for preparation of the personnel over 3,2 million rbl.

  In Open Society branch MRSK the Center - Tverenergo works with the personnel for the first half of the year 2008 According to department of selection, development and personnel training in the company for 6 months of current year preparation and training are summed up have passed 1026 persons that makes 110,6 % from the planned. Expenses for a professional training have made 3259,4 thousand rbl.

If to speak about categories of the trained personnel 364 persons are heads of different level (on their training 232 persons - experts and employees (149 % from earlier planned) and #9472 have been allocated about 1550 thousand rbl. that makes 106 % from the plan); for their preparation it is spent 483,2 thousand rub, and 430 persons - workers for which training it has been allocated over 1230 thousand rbl. (that makes 109 % from the plan).

Workers had training preparation in NOU Tver uchebno - the industrial centre in following directions: slingers, working cradles, a labour safety, electrical engineers RES, an electrosecurity, work with benzoinstrumentom, lesosechnye works and others.

the group first in this year (17 persons) on reserve preparation on a post of the chief and the chief engineer of industrial branch Is trained.

training of drivers on the basis of the Tver educational centre of the higher driver`s skill on subjects Proceeds: Initial counteremergency preparation and Driving in critical situations . For the first half of the year 2008 93 persons have been prepared, on what has been allocated over 232 thousand rbl.

the Company continues the further development of the program of vocational training of the personnel with the account of all advanced technologies introduced   on objects of electric power industry.