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In Tver has passed a seminar - results of half-year are brought.

  from July, 31st till August, 1st in the Tver branch of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “ has passed Meeting of chief engineers and heads of profile divisions of the technical block of management personnel of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “.

11 branches of the company have summed up performance investment and is repair - operational programs for 1 half-year 2008 and have put problems on end of plans and preparation to osenne - to the winter period.

Within the limits of a meeting questions on preparation for realisation of target programs, about the program of actions for increase in volume of operational functions of Command control centres by Networks (TSUS) branches and functioning scientifically - technical advice of Open Society " have been taken up; MRSK the Center “.

At meeting results of repair work have been sounded. In 2008 on these purposes MRSK of the Center will direct 1 billion 270 million roubles. In comparison with last year means of repair campaign have increased by 20 %. Two years MRSK the Center realises system of complex repair of objects which assumes not single “ latanie old holes “ and repair, preventive maintenance, upgrade and reequipment in a complex of all power object, whether it be substation, transformer point or an air-line. Application of such method will allow to lower considerably expenses financially - technical resources, to increase quality of works, to optimise use of the repair personnel. The system of complex repair is introduced in all branches of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “.

During carrying out of upgrade of objects of all branches in MRSK the Center obsolete oil switches replace on modern - vacuum, and at building and reconstruction of electric systems the increasing application finds self-bearing isolated wire (SIP). Their application will allow to lower losses and considerably to raise reliability of an electrical supply of consumers. Also there is a universal introduction vacuum reklouzerov. Their exclusive functionality and ample opportunities allow distantsionno to operate networks, to reduce search time and localisations of the hurt sites, to optimise work of the operative and dispatching personnel of a power supply system. Only in “ Tverenergo “ on the beginning 2008γ   are established 11 vacuum reklouzerov. To 2010γ. It is planned to establish 17 more pieces.

the Director on ekspluatatsijam and to Open Society repairs “ MRSK the Center “ Dmitry Pankov has underlined that in the end of March, 2008 MRSK the Center became the uniform operational company, it and has defined feature of the present repair company - control over an expenditure of means, performance of actions became centralised, deeper and detailed. The special attention has been given discussion of ownerless networks: “ Ownerless networks is a separate program of repair campaign. Practically with all regional administrations at us arrangements that we incur responsibility on restoration of networks, their reduction to normal eksplutatsionnomu to a status are reached. Administrations from its part to us allocate necessary means for carrying out of these of work. Amount of works on such objects - huge, all these networks either were not maintained, or maintained without observance of standard requirements. Therefore such works demand considerable material inputs “.

On the special account there is a target program on clearing of glades of air-lines, the attention to that the volume of clearing of glades on each branch the target program on clearing of glades of air-lines increased has been paid. As emergency disconnects of electric mains are called basically by falling of branches and trees on wires.

Dmitry Leonidovich has expressed confidence that 11 companies of contour MRSK of the Center the Passport of readiness for winter we will receive all “ I think, we will execute this work, as always, in time and in time! “

In more details about a situation following the results of the first half of the year it has been told on a press - a briefing in which have taken part the Assistant to the general director of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “ On the technical policy Sergey Schumacher, the director for operation and repairs Dmitry Pankov and the chief engineer of branch of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “ - “ Tverenergo “ Andrey Volgin. Journalists of Tver, Yaroslavl and Moscow have received answers to questions on priority directions of an investment and technical policy of the company as a whole and about volumes of capital investments the next years in the Tver region, about realisation of target programs within the limits of repair campaign. Sergey Schumacher has noticed that the preparation period to osenne - to a winter maximum of loadings this year has the differences from prior years as passes without the Russian Open Society “United Power Systems“ of Russia and new subjects of power work independently, co-operating among themselves according to norms and rules of the market of electric power industry. Investments, in its opinion, a priority kind of activity of the company. Andrey Volgin has expressed hope that with transition to new system tarifoobrazovanija (RAB) there will be a possibility to involve in region the additional means necessary for development of power of the Tver region.

Heads of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “ have told, the system according to plan - admonitory repair and its complex execution is how much effective and perspective in modern market conditions. Dmitry Pankov has noted: “ Performance of all complex of works helps to optimise expenses and provides reliable work of the power equipment.

Participants of Meeting have visited the Command control centre networks created on base “ Tverenergo “ which prepares for acceptance of operational functions, and substation. For today the basic works on preparation TSUSa for high-grade activity are finished, the Center prepares for acceptance of operational functions. All basic systems are at present mounted: a video wall, the central adoptive passing station (TSPPS), a server part, engineering systems, communication. Project cost has made 76 million rbl.

According to deputy chief TSUS of branch of Open Society “ MRSK the Center “ - “ Tverenergo “ Sergey Bolohova, creation of a modern Command control centre by Networks gives set of advantages. It is equipped by the advanced equipment: only it has been spent for video wall installation about 18 million rbl. Unlike a mosaic board, not the static device. The video wall allows to change dynamically that information which is necessary at present for time. Dispatchers can apply any scale and #9472; It is possible to begin viewing with the general territory of area, and then, reducing scale, to see each individual substation. Tverenergo for today possesses the most perfect technically the Command control centre networks in region.

TSUS will give a new push for development of similar systems in all industrial branches Tverenergo. Thanks to Center work observability behind an operative status of all networks and modes of their works that will provide management efficiency will raise, it will allow to make more precisely decisions on liquidation of any infringements, and, in turn, will lead to electrical supply improvement of quality.

Further Chief engineers have visited substation “ Northern “ on which 2 transformers on 25ςϋρ kva on 40ςϋρ kva are replaced.

Summarizing has shown that similar actions contribute in an exchange of experience of managers RSK, revealing of bottlenecks, decision-making, discussion of thorny questions and joint acceptance of optimum decisions.