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In Komi in wood

the Second day children were gone in Sysolsky area militiamen and rescuers search for four pupils children`s DDSH 1 it. Katolikova. Children spent summer vacations in uchebno - a pilot farm Interadorsky that in Sysolsky area. At first, nearby 16. 00, two boys were gone, and through a pair of clocks after them two girl-friends have left.

To the tutors they have told that go to wood behind a bilberry, but in due time have not returned. Local residents have told later that saw on a line of two girls. Judging by descriptions vneshnyh the data it is pupils of camp.

- for Children searched all night long and continue till now! - has told to the correspondent the head of rural settlement Mezhador Galina Davydova. - that there happens, while it is precisely not known. At us on settlement it is rumored that children have simply run away.

Good weather and audibility favoured to searches. 12 rescuers with lanterns have combed mezhadorsky wood along a highway Syktyvkar - Vizinga.

Now in Mezhadore 4 groups of rescuers (only 25 persons), militiamen local OVD work. The local population is involved In searches and firemen also. This morning Syktyvkar in an economy was left by the director of children`s home Ivan Panjukov.