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At krasnodartsa five red diplomas

- The first document on higher education of Sanka has received Alexander Savelyev, when to it also 17 years were not, - mum of the champion Tatyana Georgievna speaks. - School has finished on a broader scale in 13 years, and with a gold medal.

Its contemporaries still prepared for final examinations, and at Savelyev already was the red diploma teachers of English language. the teacher - the psychologist the linguist the journalist the historian - by 24 years at Sashi   there were already five red diplomas. And Savelyev mastered specialities of the journalist, the historian and the linguist simultaneously.

- Certainly to study in it it was uneasy, - mum continues. - at first while teachers yet did not know it, on examinations it was necessary to go through all city. For the invalid on a carriage it is absolutely uneasy.

And here on gosy teachers all commission came to the Sachet home, in Loris. And so was all five times! Nevertheless examination passed duly. On a table displayed tickets, Sasha extended the - happy, prepared and responded. Mum endured all this time behind a room door.

- Examinations lasted on three - four hours, - Tatyana Georgievna tells. - I all thought, really Sanka does not know the answer?

As it was found out later, Savelyev has handed over examination on perfectly and the rest of the time they talked to the teacher. The teachers accepting at him examinations, each time were surprised erudition of the guy. And many even recognised that about the separate facts hear for the first time.

the Photo: from archive of a family of Savelevyh

the Candidate of historical sciences, the grant-aided student of the Government of the Russian Federation, Administration of Krasnodar territory, the author of set of art, scientific, publicistic works on stories, psychology, philosophies, astronomies, a military science - all it about the Sachet. Any day in capital publishing house there is a textbook for students the Ancient Greece written by Savelyev. Now he prepares the next novel in style of a fantasy, works over the candidate.

- And here to do body exercises, so necessary for working out of hands and feet, I persuade him, - mum complains. - It seems to me, it it is already simple on what does not hope.

the Most sad, as with the five red diplomas of Sasha cannot find work. He with pleasure reads, writes books, they are printed by known publishing houses. Nevertheless at the guy very monotonous life. Since the childhood of Sasha does not leave a tiny flat on the third floor of a five-storey apartment block in settlement Loris. The guy the disabled from childhood, moves exclusively on a carriage. Treatment which is necessary for our Kuban genius, - so name Savelyev - simply astronomically expensively for this family. Month of procedures in the Moscow clinic, after treatment in which at the guy improvements are really visible, costs an order of 170 thousand roubles. And that there was an effect, there it is necessary to stay at least three months.  

If you have a possibility to help the Sachet, call to it on ph. 251 - 53 - 74 or to us in edition: (861)   210 - 98 - 59.