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As my husband went on seducing courses. A part 1

Such it was to courses...

all Has begun that our family relations has comprehended serious crisis. Feelings have become blunted, as children`s colour pencils. Eyes at us any more did not burn at the sight of each other, and mouths even more often were synchronously stretched in zevote. Sexual energy has come to naught, as if someone has blocked the crane, whence she moved. More shortly, the boredom has pulled hard mortal, even began to swear laziness. Others would begin to seek impressions elsewhere or at once would go to get divorced. And we have decided to understand at first an event and to try to find a way out.

- it is necessary For us to change, - my husband reflected.

- It is possible to shave on it is bald, - I have inertly laughed the matter off.

- At us now a stagnation stage, - it has diagnosed, - and only the stream of fresh air can rescue our relations.

- Give the conditioner we will reserve!

... And such became.

- Here if anew to fall in love each other, yes so that a roof has taken down! - my spouse pensively continued.

During this moment I have started to turn off from the newspaper kulek for semechkovoj a peel.

- Wait! - it has straightened out my hand. And both of us have stared in a yellow small square of the announcement: School vljublenija. How to tempt the beloved? Courses for men .

As women in school vljublenija did not accept, it has been decided that the husband will go one. According to advertising in ten days I should fall in love with it to unconsciousness.

Day the first

Has returned in high spirits. 15 more muzhiks have registered in training except it. From them married only two: my husband and the former pilot - an attack plane of years of fifty. The others: students, managers, engineers and two guys with working specialities - the roller and the turner. The pilot on courses was resulted by the mother-in-law. It also paid them. The full-chested pensioner actively forged happiness of the daughter, using the most various means. And it was guided by simple everyday logic: the person inclined to drunkenness should be occupied constantly by something then he will have no time to think of vodka. So usually many parents rescue the children from street, writing down them in a heap of circles and sections. In a word, thanks to the mother-in-law the former pilot consisted in societies of hunters and fishers, philatelists, inventors and rationalizers, and also was the clubman of followers of a method of Porfirija Ivanov. With the advent of trainings he has had time to attend courses of personal growth, a seminar of rhetoric and oratorical skill, and now here has come to learn to tempt the favourite. By the way, the trainer has assured that by the course end gathered become masters in business of a seducing of women, will by all means open in itself talents and will destroy an inferiority complex in a rudiment.

Day of the second

gait Has changed. Began to wag hips. Even children have noticed. Speaks, them there specially trained in gait of the ladies` man. At the pilot it turned out most worse. The trainer all time for it shouted: the Back should be motionless, and feet are weakened! And at you all to the contrary! . Has ended with that the pilot has broken a radiculitis. Behind it there has arrived the wife and has taken away it in hospital.

has not sustained at Night and has glanced in husband`s abstracts. Here adjectives to gait of the ladies` man: softly and raskovanno, easy and freely, was tired and even it is impressive . Also it is there and then underlined two times: So very well-founded ladies` men assured of tomorrow " go only;.

Read continuation tomorrow.