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American ritejlery the American consumers have hard time

continue to reduce almost all articles of the expenses, trying to consult with prompt rise in price of fuel and foodstuff. Thereupon in the extremely unenviable situation there were the companies which are engaged in retail trade, passes Reuters.
Against sharp reduction of demand for the production more and more ritejlovyh the companies break off contracts with the suppliers and try to get rid of the goods by hook or by crook.
the Large quantity of suppliers complain that the retail companies break off contracts - analyst Susquehanna Financial John Shenli marks. To one of current situation vivid examples became Columbia Sportswear Co, making sportswear and footwear: The company has informed on considerable decrease in profit following the results of II quarter just from - for a response of many orders.
We never faced such quantity of refusals. It became record for last decade - the representative of company Ron complains to Steams. Actions Columbia Sportswear have already lost for expired period of this year an order of 14,75 %, and now the company tries to do the utmost to avoid the further losses.
Experts notice that such behaviour American ritejlerov is quite explainable: the goods which they cannot sell are not necessary to them. So, according to the research spent by consulting company WSL Strategic Retail, about 60 % of the American consumers prefer to cut down considerably the expenses as not in a status to supervise the prices for fuel. It is necessary to notice that this research has been spent in November of last year when for gasoline gallon gave 3,11 dollars, and the oil barrel cost about 94 dollars Then it seemed to us that worse than ever. Now, when gasoline costs about 4 dollars/ gallon, and oil about 120 dollars/ barr., it becomes clear that that price level was low enough - president WSL of Kandas Korlett speaks.
the Panic of retail dealers is quite explainable: the more consumers pay for foodstuff and energy, the it is less at them remains money for other goods. According to analysts, further this situation can be aggravated only, and the retail enterprises should prepare for hard times. even if gradual restoration of world economy will soon begin, it is improbable that the retail sector also will start to be restored - leading economist Retail Federation of Rozalind Vells assures.
Thus, ritejlovym the enterprises need only - to reduce one volumes of output and to cut down the production costs. if they manage to make it then their losses from a prompt rise in prices for fuel will be shown to a minimum - marks R.Vells. Also, according to the expert, ritejleram it is necessary to change the advertising campaigns to involve as much as possible new buyers.