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Vladivostoktsev fed shaurmoj with the spoilt meat

At inhabitants of Vladivostok at last - that there was a hope that the originator in a mass poisoning shaurmoj will be punished. One of these days criminal case of the owner of a booth where sold spoilt shaurmu, have passed in court.

we Will remind that in March, having tried east meal in a booth on Ostrjakova, 2, about thirty vladivostoktsev have appeared on a hospital cot with the diagnosis a salmonellosis .

- Owner Ivan Radashevsky of one and a half year traded in ready meal without sanitary - the epidemiological conclusion, - the senior assistant to the public prosecutor of seaside edge Irina NOMOKONOVA speaks. - Besides, it has employed four citizens of the near abroad on a post of the cook - the seller which did not have medical books.

Products for shaurmy, beljashej and jotas - mastiffs a grief - the businessman as has established a consequence, bought there where on them could not give certificates. All it also has led to a mass poisoning.

- Radashevsky make article Infringement sanitary - the epidemiological rules, the mass disease which has entailed on imprudence or a poisoning of people - Irina Nomokonova speaks. - Punishment on it strongly varies. It or the penalty to 80 thousand roubles, either obligatory, or corrective works from 180 o`clock about one year, or restriction of freedom for the term up to three years.