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As often ZHEU should take readings of counters

To us overestimate a payment for light!

- Payment for the electric power we did under receipts of Donenergosbyta, - Gennady Ljashov living along the street Ukrainian, 28, in apartment 51 has written to us rostovchanin. - Paid under the tariff   - 1 rouble of 93 copecks for 1 kw/ ch as it is defined in Rostov-on-Don.

In the end of April to us declared that under receipts we any more do not pay, and payment for the electric power will be brought now in joint account of payment for apartment.

And here after three months we are tenants - have received the bill - the receipt with the figures, taken it is not known whence. I have paid 51 770 kw For the bill of Donenergosbyta/ ch, in the receipt - 51 721 kw/ ch, that is I repeatedly should pay 49 kw/ ch.

It turns out that 1 kw/ ch costs 2 roubles of 60 copecks, instead of 1 rouble of 93 copecks. please, help us to understand! We so about it also have not received till now the sensible answer.

Floors at an entrance do not wash

Tchizhov of L. N, Rostov-on-Don, avenue 40 - letija Victories, 65/ 6, sq. 226:

- prices Everyone half a year for utilities raise, and quality both was not, and is not present. Cleaning of our entrance occurs as follows: the cleaner splashes on a floor water, and then it puts out all. Floors did not wash on - to the present years twenty. Horror!

Behind the house nobody looks

Savekova Z. T, Rostov-on-Don, avenue Communistic, 40/ 1, sq. 9:

-   I Write this letter not from myself, and on behalf of the sister. She lives in munitsipalke in the street Vavilov, 46. Entrances in the house in an awful status: a dirt, dampness. And when it is raining and at all there are huge pools. expensive, please, help!

it is actual

THOSE to WHOM TILL NOW HAVE not responded

to Fedorova L. E, Azov, Stepan Razin`s street, 9, sq. 3. The publication Road do not asphalt 10 years! from February, 20th, 2008.
Ermochenko I. P, Taganrog, the Mariupol highway, 5, sq. 1. The publication do not put lanterns before the house from April, 2nd, 2008.

ASKED - it is responded

To questions of readers the president of the Don association of protection of consumers and businessmen Yury TISHUKOV

responds As often ZHEU should take readings of counters?

I constantly took readings of counters on light itself. The person from a management company recently has come and began to check. Has told that now so will be always. Explain, a leah its ward is obligatory? And a leah I can start up it?
Irina Kunko, Bataysk.

According to point 25 of Rules of granting of utilities to citizens the duty is assigned to you during time in advance co-ordinated with the executor (not more often 1 time in 6 months) to provide the admission for removal of indications of the general (room) and individual devices of the account . Thus, more often 1 time in 6 months officials of a management company have not the right to come to your apartment for removal of indications from individual devices of the account.

we solve problems together!


Dear readers! Each your letter will necessarily get on a table to the official who should take measures to elimination of the declared problems, and also to inform on it the author of the letter and the newspaper. According to the Decision of Administration of the Rostov region from May, 30th, 2003 251 responsible persons are obliged to respond to critical publications within a month from the moment of a material exit, and these answers should have concrete character with instructions of actions under the decision of the lifted problems. Dear officials, we wait for answers to the put questions!

Kindly to complain!

the Heading Kindly to complain! it is created that officials heard people voice   also informed the public on the done work. Dear readers if you have unresolved municipal problems, write to us! Cut out the coupon, fill and send in edition. Our address: 344000, Rostov-on-Don, and/ I 575, with a mark Kindly to complain! or on electronic mail:

olika@kprostov. ru.

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the Leader of a heading Olga JANCHENKOVA.
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