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To Moscow the storm

only approaches August has begun, and in capital 44 % of monthly norm of deposits have already dropped out. Especially it has gone right yesternight - poured practically without a stop! According to weather forecasters Gismeteo, in some areas of Moscow for one night 20 % of monthly norm have dropped out.
night downpours meteorologists already named tropical . To all fault - warm atmospheric front.

Alas, the strongest rains with thunder-storms will proceed and today. The peak is necessary on the middle of day. will pour as from a bucket - 10 - 15 mm at an o`clock - meteorologists fairly warn.
for days the amount of precipitation will exceed half of monthly norm (it approximately 4 - 5 buckets of water on 1 square metre).

It will be not simple a rain, and the present tropical storm! Flaws   are possible; to 15 - 20 metres per second, pass Interfax . And still continuous lightning discharges, and which - where even hailstones.

Rescuers remind: in such wind danger of breakage of electricity cables, falling of boards, tiles, branches and trees is great. Easily can fail kollektorno - drainage systems. That is a city, simply speaking, will deluge knee-deep. Drivers on roads will appear if not in submarines it is exact on boats and in stoppers

And a leah will be also heat how in the present tropics? Is not present: air will get warm only to +13... +15 degrees.

- Such rains in Moscow happen seldom, - general director Gidrometeobjuro of Moscow and Moscow Region Alexey Ljahov warns.

Speak, rains will stop by Thursday. Besides, becomes hardly - is more warmish: to +18 +20 degrees.

hurricane Consequences in Moscow in 1998. A photo newyork. ru


Poland has already endured hurricane. There is a victim

One person was lost, four are wounded, two were missing as a result of a storm over Poland, informs RIA News . Trees fell on cars, boats on the rivers turned over, electric mains were torn. In the Polish Pomorze expect the second tour terrible hurricane.


- Today in bad weather peak is better to sit out at home or at office.

- It is necessary to go? Then it is better on public transport. Even better - by the underground.

- Check up, where your car is parked. In an ideal nearby there should not be the trees, badly fixed publicity boards and etc.

- In a thunder-storm disconnect the TV - the aerial on a roof a perfect target for lightnings. In a thunder-storm for the same reason it is impossible to use a mobile phone - on a broader scale disconnect it.

- If the storm has found you in the car, try to leave and take cover in the nearest shop, an entrance and   etc. In Poland the girl was lost, when waited a thunder-storm in the car - the tree has fallen to a roof.   if you in the car in an open country - close windows - doors and sit easy. The lightning to you will not do much harm, even if will strike straight in the car.