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The government searches for ways to help the victim

three variants of a solution of a problem are At present offered, namely:

purchase of houses,
the centralised building of the necessary quantity of houses 2 - 4 civil engineering firms
or transfers of the necessary financial assets.

sites are now considered where houses can be transferred, works on pilot projects are conducted, and in a current of two days
cost of building of such houses will be calculated. For families, whose houses need only under repair the necessary calculations for distribution of building materials from gos reserves will be made.


in general on the country are deluged 401 house, inclusive 228 are hurt. Area Brichen districts (with have appeared victims. Drepkeuts, with. It is curve, with. Belesinesht, with. SHireuts, Lipkan) where 263 houses have been deluged, are inclusive hurt 222 houses. In   pojme the rivers the Rod has suffered area Ryshkan - 22 houses are deluged, 6 is hurt. In   pojme Dnestr a situation following: r - n Oknitsa - 47 houses/ objects are deluged, including school from Keleresheuki, r - n Forty - 16, r - n by Sholdenesht - 8, r - n Rubber - 33, r - n Kriulen - 2, r - n Aneny Ache - 6, r - n Shtefan Vode - 4. In munitsipii Kishinev (- luj - Vode) have been deluged by Vadul of 76 objects socially - cultural value.  

Commissions of experts work on separate zones:

Working group of 1 Brichen - Ungen, (flooding of the river the Rod)
Working group 2 Hynchesht - Kahul, (flooding of the river the Rod)
Working group of 3 Oknitsa - Dubossar, (river Dnestr flooding)
Working group of 4 Dubossar - Palanka, (river Dnestr flooding)

are included Into structure of working group representatives of the Ministry of Building and Territory Development, the Ministry of Public Administration, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economics and Trade, Agency of Ground and Cadastral Relations, Service of Civil Protection and Emergency situations, as well experts   designing Institute Urbanproiect Ruralproiect and Acvaproiect .

the Press Government service.