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TVs and irons now not in the price. Thieves involves - a cash

In the beginning of year in a press wrote about future splash in criminality much. On freedom there should be hundreds people which have sent in colonies and prisons   in the beginning 90 - h. And in the conditions of financial crisis a pier few of them   will find work and again will fall back into the old ways. But pessimistic   forecasts have not justified. On the contrary, according to militian reports, the crime rate in Tatarstan has decreased for 15 percent on all kinds of crimes.

this week heads of power structures of Tatarstan have spent a direct line with readers. Throughout an hour editorial phone did not stop for a minute.

-   She is the pensioner from It is new - Savinovsky area. Why on a crossroads of Jamasheva - Musin such disgrace is created? On red light many go, simply stream... To us to inhabitants it is almost impossible to pass. Each time we go at own risk... And more disturbs noise in streets   at two o`clock in the morning. Especially when sportsmen win something. All city, all our street as on ears costs. Something can be made with it?

By the first part of a question, we   we will necessarily take measures. Probably, we will put there a videocamera - chief UGIBDD tells the Ministry of Internal Affairs on RT Rifkat Minnikhanov - In our opinion it is very effective way of influence on motorists. They are already on many crossroads, and as a result the number of failures has considerably decreased. Became road accident with physical injuries and victims less, it is less than cases with the big material damage. And by the second part of a question I can tell only that now in state advice of Tatarstan the so-called law " is considered; about silence where all will be registered, to skolki it is possible to rustle in the street or indoors... Though   personally I against sports fans have no anything...

-   Zdravstujte, it to you call from Ostrovsky 9. We live in the centre, near to Bauman`s street. At us here as a double-exit courtyard, into entrances enter all who feel like it. In ZHEU have told the on-door speakerphone establish at own expense. And at us money is not present, what to us to do? And more at us in a cafe cellar is. There music very loudly rustles and very suspicious persons gather all time. Where to us to be converted?

- As far as I know, in all houses on-door speakerphones are established at own expense. This question to you is better to set administrations of your area - answers a question the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan Alexey Selivanovsky. - you can be converted also to the deputy who represents your district in the Kazan municipal duma that it has acted with this question at regular session, can will make amendments any. And as to cafe - I personally take it under the control. Tomorrow our employees there will visit and will lead with heads of cafe preventive discussion.

-   Hello, you are disturbed by Elena Kolotova from Kazan. We worked in Turkish firm Odak built a building of the Sovereign court. But the earned money and have not seen. Where we should be converted?

  - This firm already costs on the account in federal migratory service, as far as I know - Evgenie Davletshin speaks, - So you need to be converted to them about Chekhov`s street d. 8, register in reception to Sergey Vpalerevichu Chepushtanovu, to you will help to write the application.   unfortunately, you not the first who has faced this problem in Kazan. Many complaints and to other Turkish firms, to the Yugoslavian...   many work for them without any contracts, and then it is the extremely difficult to prove something in default labour payments.

-   We inhabitants   houses 49 on Ershov`s street. It is more 10 years ago we have bought garages which are located near to our house. Many years lived easy, put there cars. And now to us say that them already have twice resold that they not ours. Ostensibly we have not issued in due time any certificates of transfer of the earth in the property. And now us can deprive of them. Help what now to do? Same any rejdersky earth capture. We have paid in due time for a 24 million bottom, everyone has receipts

-   I know this place, I imagine these garages, speaks   Alexey Selivanovsky -   Come to me on reception to the Department of Internal Affairs, we will look at carefully all documents, something else can be made. But I think, if you really do not have document about which there is a speech, it is possible and to lose court. But anyway here it is necessary to understand.

-   Hello, I from Kazan call. Has read in the newspaper the letter the reference to president Mintimer Shaymiev from eks - the deputy of State Council Iraklija Savvidi, which now in federal search. Something will change in investigation of its business after this publication?

-   the criminal militia is engaged in It at us. But I think, while it will not appear here and will not give the evidence, anything essentially will not change - answers a question Alexey Selivanovsky.   - In absentia something to tell and arrange the auctions through the press, to lay down any conditions, being abroad, on - to mine, not so pertinently in this case. Anyway the mechanism is already started, the question on its extradition is solved, on a line interpola we have given inquiry.

-   Hello, my brother - the police officer. And I would like to learn, when, eventually, it will raise the salary that already adequately there lived people, both bribes did not take also vanity from them would raise?

-   It is a question become painful, here now near to me and the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs, and GIDBB, and all of us very much would like you to please with something - Evgenie Davletshin speaks. - Today especially at the ordinary militiaman the salary, of course,   does not correspond to life realities. But all it is defined by the law, the government of Russia. We too through our representatives lift this question, and we want, that this question dared.


In Tatarstan 300 chambers of video observation are established. In the near future it is planned to establish on 2 videocameras in 45 areas of republic. It becomes within the limits of the program Safe Tatarstan . In Kazan 5 microdistricts where the video equipment will be established are defined. Technics will establish on columns near to schools, kindergartens, and also in usual city court yard. To observe that occurs in streets, it will be possible through the Internet. By the way, chambers which are established today in Kazan, a Zelenodolsk, Elabuge - have already started to bear fruit. Attentive townspeople even more often inform on fights, robberies and simply suspicious persons. According to the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan of the chamber - do not replace law enforcement officers, and help with their work.


Guards remind: today each trading pavilion is equipped by the button of an emergency call of militiamen. Therefore, if in the street at you have pulled out a bag or you became the witness of incident, be converted to workers of shop, the Internet - salon or cafe. For today it is the fastest way to contact militia. Detain criminals without delay employees PPS or the private security enterprises (today in their republic more than 700) can. Since recent time agents of national security contact them on a separate communication channel. By the way, henceforth, before to take up service, employees CHOPov pass compulsory education in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Five days they spend practice as divisionals, and as much as a part of crew PPS.


02 (with city) or 020 (with mobile) - call, if the emergency help

052 - a telephone hotline of the Department of Internal Affairs of Kazan is necessary. Under this number it is possible to tell absolutely anonymously about details of this or that incident

291 - 20 - 02   the Hot line of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, here it is possible to complain of actions of police officers