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The Kuban invalids survive without medicines

In the international day of the elderly person in the world it is accepted to do pleasant to grandfathers and grandmothers - to give smiles, flowers and gifts. But for many our pensioners the biggest desire - that the state carried out of the obligations to them.

In number from September, 22nd there was a material to the Krasnodar invalids do not give a medicine under the recipe . We have written about the pensioner, the invalid of the second group Vladimir Chernokozove who more survived than two weeks without medicines literally. Under their recipe did not give - a pier, suppliers have detained a preparation, but were on free sale: take - I do not want. More precisely, I can not: the pension at Chernokozova - 3 500 roubles, and a medicine costs almost 2 000.

right after an exit of our article to the man the attending physician home has come. Together with the vital medicines. Well and at the same time has asked to sign a paper that claims to anybody are not available for the old man.

We were converted to readers with a question: And you faced problems at reception of preferential medicines? answers has come weight.


- Me now many sympathise, and medicines all the same do not give, - from this beginning the story the pensioner from Dinsky Antonina Shevchenko.

All the matter is that two years ago at 75 - the summer woman the husband seriously was ill. In Alexander Petrovicha have found out a cancer predstatelnoj glands, illness of Parkinsona, an ischemic heart trouble and a schizophrenia.

about ten Years ago at spouses in accident the daughter was lost, and trace the son-in-law has died. Because of nerves the man has fallen ill - feet and hands have refused. And all it has at once fallen upon unfortunate Antonina Fedorovnu. Old men remained one - odineshenki, without the help and support.

- Me all is more difficult to look after the spouse, - the woman who has tired of a grief silently sobs. - And where to disappear? Half a century have together lived. Only here our state in any way does not help. Sachet medicines the large quantity is required. All of them expensive. Our pensions never on them will suffice. And I run from hospital in a drugstore. Constantly it is necessary to wait, when there will be preferential medicines.

- Call - ka next week, - speak in regional hospital Dinsky and in the municipal drugstore attached to it, - medicines are not present.

Here also goes there - here the woman, at which with health too disagreement.

- such medicines, as " are necessary to the Husband; Vestibo Fenibut Klozapin Madokar pronoran which to a thicket are not present, than is. This week I have again gone to make out recipes. It is said that preparations will appear only weeks through two - three. I cannot look, how expensive person dies slow death, I take last money and I buy preparations. After all he without them and shouts at night from a pain in the afternoon. Neither to it, nor me calmnesses are not present.

the Journalist it has advised to Antonina Fedorovne to be converted to a polyclinic management. Perhaps, as in a case with Vladimir Stepanovichem, to its entreaties will respond.

And has occurred. The woman has again called us - distance medicines. Only took them from department where sell in cash. And on a federal privilege they have not arrived yet. The despaired person has started to beat in all bells, and it have heard.

to the Pensioner even personal phone of the head physician of a distance that it was converted if something happens.

- After all it not the bread piece, is medicines, it is life, - the woman sighs. - doctors to us towards go, of their inattention I can not complain - write out recipes, and here in drugstores of medicines are not present. When already we will be remembered by the mighty of this world?

- Medicines on a federal privilege are not present available in a drugstore, - so has explained the attending physician of the invalid. - My business - to write out the recipe, to appoint treatment. All questions to our chemist`s system. There already on turn put.

- Yes, this month there was a failure with delivery of medicines through illness Parkinsona, - have explained to us in Management of public health services of a city of Krasnodar. - this time because of the supplier. What to do to the patient in this situation? Probably, to buy the vital preparation for the personal means. There is a rule of an extract of medicines - for a month forward and no more.

it is not clear only why we continually hear: the supplier has detained delivery failure . Really the authorities cannot find a justice on the organisations which are responsible for lives of people? After all it not container with aerated water have detained, and preparations, without which the patient - death. Really it is impossible to adjust this mechanism, and in case of malfunctions - to fine, yes so that another nepovadno was, or even to send guilty for a lattice?

Well such heap of medicines no pension will suffice!
a photo: Julia JUSUPOVA

DO NOT WRITE ABOUT me - BECOMES suddenly even worse

the Invalid and the pensioner from Krymska of Krasnodar territory too has complained of absence of medicines, but has wished to remain the unknown person.

- Suddenly begin to concern is worse? - The elderly man lamented. - only here for last four years I only five times have received a medicine necessary for pressure decline. To me do not write out the recipe because there is no this medicine. But I all life worked, regularly paid taxes, gave money for a communal flat. Why the state so concerns me?

Andrey Andrjushchenko from Temryuk is Extremely revolted also.

- I Am ill a diabetes ten years. The preparation " is necessary to me; Siofor . And replacement to it on a privilege in drugstores is not present. Available only what do not approach me. For three months we wait for the necessary preparations.

Claims to doctors nobody has. That is in a drugstore write out to exempts. Here many old men only also receive one - two preparations instead of necessary five - six. As a result pensioners are stirred, call, but medicines and do not receive. A leah it is possible to change this system?

to clear up the situation which has developed today in system of additional medicinal maintenance, we have sent inquiry in department of public health services of edge. Very much it would be desirable to know, has written about single instances?

we Look forward to hearing!


- Each medical institution makes demands for necessary preferential medical products for the certain period within the limits of the allocated financing, - physicians have explained. - unfortunately, the more number refused additional medicinal maintenance, the allocate money less. And to buy necessary medicines too it is less than possibilities. However if the necessary medical preparation in a drugstore at present is not present, the doctor can replace a medicine similar, appoint treatment in the conditions of a day hospital.

In Krasnodar territory from the beginning of 2009 it is provided thousand preferential recipes on hundred millions roubles. Therefore it is impossible to tell that preferential medical preparations in drugstores do not happen at all.

still nobody declared shortage of preferential medicines. But problems are.


Phones a hot line Concerning medicinal maintenance in department of public health services of edge: (861 231 - 08 - 82, 259 - 21 - 27.

In Krasnodar phones a hot line : (861 235 - 33 - 54, 235 - 37 - 01.

KP: Dear readers! Tell, and you faced problems in reception of preferential medicines? Send to us SMS - the letter by phone: 8 - 952 - 848 - 88 - 88 or call in edition under number: (861 299 - 02 - 53.