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After monstrous murder at 22 - the summer inhabitant of the Omsk region conscience

the Girl by name of Victoria has woken up lived in one of woods near to regional point of Kormilovka. Some years ago it has left the house. Mother and the stepfather called her back, but it in any did not want to come back - it liked to live among vagabonds more. As - that time in their company has appeared the beginner - convict who has just left on freedom.

Victoria could not find common language with the new friend, as she said, it constantly sinkers its subject of a zone . And once the girl has not sustained. When during next pjanki the man has got conversation about prison, Victoria has seized an axe. Eight times she has knocked it on the head bores . The friend was tumbled down on the earth, and the girl has again sat down in a circle of friends to drink alcohol. But the rage in it was not appeased. After several wine-glasses Victoria took in hands vily and   has tried   to pierce them the man, but it did not have not enough force. Then it again has begun to beat it. Having let out rage, the girl at last - that has calmed down and together with vagabonds has buried a dead body on a garbage dump in the next wood.

In three days in the murderer conscience has woken up, and she has decided to repent publicly. At night Victoria has come into one of roadside cafes and has told about a criminal conduct. Workers of an institution have called militia.

- she admitted a site that two months ago has made one more murder, - the senior inspector of Omsk interdistrict investigatory department SUSK at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation across the Omsk region, the lawyer tells 3 classes Dmitry Kuznetsov .

the girl of whom Victoria was jealous of the guy in a heat pjanki has appeared the Victim. At first it has put to the competitor two blows by an edge in a chest and in a neck. But, having passed the next wine-glass, has decided to take a knife more and to continue punishment. Next morning together with friends it has dug the killed.

- accusation as regards 2 point " is brought to Victoria; and articles 105 - Murder of two or more persons - Dmitry Kuznetsov has informed . - the Rest of the days she risks to spend behind bars.

* heroines of history it is changed